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  • My occupation is Wiki Contribuitor, Writer, CEO of CIS Production in Wikia Community, Former Digital Artist in DevianArt, Former Writer in Fanfic.Net, Former Wikia Staff Member, Storylines Director,
  • I am Male Programing
  • DestroyerSubjugator90

    I had to do it. I was hoping that one day I could get that kind of blog. First, I want to say that there are few villains on this list that you like, and "maybe" you will be offended, however, remember that all these villains has their positive points within the plot, and that each of them have relevance. In a few moments of this blog, I will explain some things that even my favorite villains commit something which I found "weak" in the character, or even something stupid that the author did.

    • Emperor Palpatine: Wow, wow, wow... calm down. Let me explain. Literally... a perfect example of the Big Bad trope; manipulative, sadistic, tyrant, and a powerful dark lord, he is definitely my favorite villain in all forms of media I've ever watch. A true …
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