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My third proposal, once again I will be discussing Marvel. But, it's not a Wolverine and the X-Men villain, it's a Spider-Man villain and the page wasn't made by me. This game was always a little disturbing as a kid, regarded as one of the darker Spider-Man games among my family, played it a few years ago. I've been thinking of Spider-Man a lot these days. I recently read Go Down Swinging and Goblin Nation on Read Comic Online and now I'm getting into Absolute Carnage. My brother pointed out that Absolute Carnage has some similarities with this game so that made me think about it a bit, and here we are! But before we dive right in, a bit of an announcement.

I haven't made a proposal here in a while since I was trying to think of a candidate, once I thought of this, I fell ill recently. I woke up and had to throw up in the bathroom. Had nausea the entire day, I threw up four times that day, had diarrhea. Had to get a drip from the hospital for my nausea I stayed until 3:00 AM. My diarrhea caused me to go to the bathroom a dozen times the next day. I actually had Covid-19 a while ago, and this stomach illness has been physically more painful. I'm making a recovery now, actually feeling much better. My brother actually has it now. This and a little incident with my sister has made me make a decision. I will be less active on fandom for now. The truth is, fandom is ideally a place to complement your life, for me it's been a distraction a place to go to avoid my problems. But, I can't hide from them any longer, I think for me a new chapter in my life is starting. I'll still check up on things and maybe do a proposal from time to time but won't be as active. So without further delay...

What's The Work?

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a 2008 action open-world game. We'll only be talking about the Windows, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 versions as the others have different stories. It is the last one developed by Treyarch. It is centered around the idea that power corrupts. But at the same time that power is the exact thing Spider-Man needs in his darkest hour... the city is held hostage and heroes and villains alike must stop a very specific Spider-Man villain, one of the most famous and iconic of them all...

Who Is He?

Venom is first seen beating up Spider-Man after injuring Mary Jane. Part of the symbiote latches on to Peter Parker while the rest stays on Eddie. Venom threatens Mary Jane’s life once more before Spider-Man stops him. Forcing Venom to retreat. A bit later in the game, Spider-Man discovers numerous people have symbiotes. Leading SHIELD to quarantine numerous people. One of those being the sister of Max Dillon (better known as Electro). Spider-Man eventually discovers Venom is using symbiote pods to turn captured victims into mindless slaves. Spider-Man defeats him once more but Venom is still able to cause a symbiote outbreak with numerous people turning against civilians.

Moon Knight and Black Widow as well as Kingpin, Vulture and the Tinkerer help everyone by creating a sonic bomb to kill all the symbiotes in the city. Symbiote Electro made electric symbiotes so Spider-Man ended the situation. The symbiotes rampaged New York Spider-Man had to guard Stark Tower. Wolverine would gather numerous civilians in a church to use its bell to kill off symbiotes only to be infected himself. Spider-Man defeats Wolverine by either letting Wolverine cut the symbiote out or ripping him in half. Black Cat gets infected with the symbiote and Spider-Man defeats her. However, in the process she is badly injured and the player can leave her with Mary Jane or re-infect Black Cat to heal her. The latter choice puts a strain on Mary Jane's relationship with Spider-Man.

Once the Tinkerer completes the bomb, Vulture is revealed to be infected as well. Vulture states he has deactivated the signal to the bomb which prevents the Tinkerer from activating it, and that Spider-Man must come for him because of the part of the symbiote Spider-Man has. Spider-Man defeats Vulture and the other vulture symbiotes but is left with a choice, detonate the bomb which would remove his symbiote or keep it but leave New York infected. Either way, Venom goes to the Helicarrier to use it to spread the symbiote infection. Spider-Man arrives and battles Venom's five-headed form (the result of symbiotes combing into one being) but like Eddie said in Spider-Man: The animated Series, "The symbiote is too strong". Spider-Man asks Venom for Eddie, to which the symbiote temporarily releases Eddie looking like his normal Venom self.

Depending on the choice of the player, Eddie will sacrifice himself by going into the Helicarrier turbine, or Spider-Man will kill Eddie by throwing a web noose around his neck and throwing it into the turbine. Killing Venom once and for all. With the main Venom Symbiote dead, depending on the choices the player makes:

  • New York will be freed from all symbiote troubles and Spider-Man will swing through New York with Mary Jane.
  • Spider-Man will apologize on the phone to Mary Jane for re-infecting Black Cat and putting a strain on their relationship.
  • Spider-Man will rule the city of New York as the symbiote king alongside Black Cat.
  • Spider-Man will rule the city of New York as the symbiote king, swearing to have Mary Jane by his side.

In the last two endings Wolverine will be tasked by Black Widow, Kingpin and the Tinkerer to hunt down Spider-Man.

Mitigating/Redeeming Qualities?

Basically none to speak, the symbiote manipulated Eddie during the whole game and takes great pride infecting innocents into symbiote-hosts. It does work as a multi-being, especially in its five-headed state but its capable of acting as one. Don't think there's really and issue with that considering the multi-being category on the Pure Evil Wiki. The symbiote states "We don't listen to Brock". Even in the end of the game Brock states how tired he is. I don't know why the redeemed category is on the page. The symbiote didn't redeem itself, only Eddie did.

Heinousness Standard?

It sets the standards of the game due to making most of the events happen and being the one thing that haunts Spider-Man throughout the game, really bringing Spider-Man to his limits. No one else attempted to infect the city and overall, the symbiotes goals are far larger in scale than anyone else's.

Final Verdict?

Well, not sure why he wasn't proposed before, but in any case, I'd say yes to the symbiote qualifying as Pure Evil.