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  • DragonDude83

    PE Proposal: John Bosley

    February 10, 2020 by DragonDude83

    Let’s talk about Charlie’s Angels (2019). It’s not great and it’s a cliche storm, but I do think it did get a bad rap. It was fun enough to watch, and we can all talk about the villain in this movie. What do you have to say about John Bosley?

    John Bosley (or Bosley 001?) was the close friend of Charles "Charlie" Townsend and the personal go to between him and the Angels. After Charlie had passed away (or retired, that’s not made entirely clear), the agency hired multiple agents named "Bosley" to help the Angels around the world. Bosley had been asked to retire and step down instead of take over as the head of the agency. That didn’t sit well for him, as he believed that he was robbed of what was rightfully his own seat. After retirement, he …

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  • DragonDude83

    After watching Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I was a little apprehensive due to my previous proposal of Shredder getting rejected and the way this movie still has that lighthearted charm the TMNT product tends to churn out. After some thinking, I think our main villains should get a proposal at the very least. That said, what do you have to say about Shredder (Batman vs. TMNT) and Ra's al Ghul (Batman vs. TMNT)?

    Before the movie’s events, Shredder made a deal with Ra's al Ghul made a deal; Shredder will build a machine that would spread mutagen all over Gotham, creating chaos and destruction all over the city (and soon the entire world as well) with Ra's offering Shredder the location of the Lazarus pits, providing him immortality.…

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  • DragonDude83

    Sighs Here we go again. Taking handful of Tums I’m going to talk about Fan4astic. Keeping in mind that PE is NOT a badge of honor, I have to ask this. What do you have to say about Doom (2015 Film)?

    Victor Von Doom is a gifted young genius who worked with the government and our heroes who would soon be the Fantastic Four on a teleportation device that would be able to transport objects through other dimensions. Doom left the project, because he did not like having the government interfere with it. When Johnny Storm’s father recruited Reed Richards to finish the project, he called Doom to finish it along with his son, Johnny.

    As they built the device, Victor built somewhat of a friendship with Reed, but had jealousy when Reed was developing an a…

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  • DragonDude83

    After having to write a removal proposal for The Governor, I feel like I should make a formality post to have a TWD PE approved. What do you think about Thomas Richards?

    Thomas Richards is a psychopathic convict who survived the zombie outbreak and was found in the prison cafeteria with Axel, Dexter, and Andrew. He is the arc villain of The Walking Dead Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars.

    When Rick Grimes and Tyrese found Thomas and the group in the cafeteria barricaded by a police baton and several guards, each one introduced themselves; Dexter was charged with murder, Andrew with armed robbery, and Thomas with, get this, tax evasion.

    Thomas helped Lori Grimes and the other women move into their cells, and he had a nerdy, polite charm to have the g…

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  • DragonDude83

    PE Removal: The Governor

    December 13, 2019 by DragonDude83

    Yes, a removal proposal for The Governor, one of the most vile characters of The Walking Dead. Why is it? Well if Rise of the Governor is canon with the comics, then there are added factors why he doesn’t qualify.

    1. Reading Rise of the Governor makes you see that Brian Blake, not Philip, is the Governor, and he has a Freudian excuse behind his actions, making you feel sorry for him.

    2. Despite being a jerk to his subordinates, he was still distraught over the deaths of Gabe and Bruce, more-so with Bruce, whom he considered as one of his best friends.

    3. The Road to Woodbury novel is something to look at as well where he celebrates Christmas alone and breaks down crying, remembering his past life silently with his friends and brother during the apo…

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