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PE Proposal: Poison Ivy (Batman & Robin)

Oh boy, I can’t believe I’m proposing a villain from the worst Batman Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher movie. Good thing I remember the Batman & Robin film so I don’t have to see it again. What do you have to say about Poison Ivy (Batman & Robin)?

  • 1 Who is Poison Ivy? What Has She Done?
  • 2 Heinousness
  • 3 Mitigating Factors?
  • 4 Final Verdict

Dr. Pamela Isley was a botanist employed under Dr. Jason Woodrue in a lab in South America with the intention of saving plant life. After witnessing Woodrue using her research for unethical megalomaniacal means, including turning a prisoner into the super soldier Bane to be sold to the highest bidder, Woodrue noticed Isley watching him and offered her to rule side by side, but Isley threatened to call the authorities on him.…

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PE Proposal: Mozenrath

Always wanted to see someone from Aladdin: The Series get a proposal. For every laughable villain like Abis Mal and Mechanicles, this show has its share of game changers or Knights of Cerebus that are worth a discussion. What do you have to say about Mozenrath?

  • 1 What is Aladdin: The Series?
  • 2 Who is Mozenrath? What Has He Done?
  • 3 Mitigating Factors
  • 4 Heinousness
  • 5 Final Verdict

Aladdin: The Series is a Disney Afternoon cartoon that follows the exploits of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Genie, and the others in between The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves. There are adventures that have introduced unique characters. While there are villains that are pretty laughable, there are at least two villains that are worth a discussion like Mozenrath. …

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DragonDude83 DragonDude83 24 February

PE Removal: Spellbinder (DC Animated Universe)

Looking back at Batman Beyond, I think we’ve overplayed how heinous Spellbinder is, especially from this universe. I was one of the yes votes when he was proposed. So now I’m going to explain why he doesn’t make the mark.

To show you who he is, here’s the original proposal:

User blog:Percival C. McLeach/PE Proposal:Spellbinder from Batman Beyond

Dr. Ira Billings, aka Spellbinder, had an excuse for his actions in his first episode. His excuse was that he’s been Hamilton High School's psychologist for troubled teens. That their parents have paid their garbagemen more than he ever got, and in his mind while having teens rob their parents, he was just collecting what he felt he deserved.

In his second episode, his virtual reality machines have also…

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DragonDude83 DragonDude83 17 February

PE Removal: Queen of the Black Puddle

I’ve been watching Courage the Cowardly Dog lately, and I have my doubts on the Queen of the Black Puddle's inclusion. Let me explain why.

While it is true that she enticed Eustace Bagge so she can eat him and that she’s eaten many other men, I kind of have my doubts on her moral agency. It seems like that’s what she does, but it looks more like the intent was more bestial than malicious. She’s a Siren and that’s what Sirens do; they enchant other men so they can trap and eat them. And know that I am not counting the negative continuity of Ball of Revenge and her being part of Eustace's conspiracy group to destroy Courage. Her agenda seems to be more of sustenance than causing misery to others. Outside of eating other men and trying to eat Eus…

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DragonDude83 DragonDude83 16 February

PE Proposal: Stitch Sisters

Courage the Cowardly Dog sure does have a high standard for pure evil villains. We have Katz, Fusilli, and the Queen of the Black Puddle and there will probably be more proposals from the show. Let’s talk about the main antagonist or antagonists of the episode, The Quilt Club. What do you have to say about the Stitch Sisters?

  • 1 Who Are The Stitch Sisters? What Have They Done?
  • 2 Heinousness
  • 3 Mitigating Factors
  • 4 Final Verdict

Elisa and Eliza Stitch are a pair of conjoined twin sisters who run a dusty old quilt shop in the Middle of Nowhere that specializes in sewn quilts. Muriel notices a large quilt that the sisters say was made by the Quilt Club. In fact when Muriel asked if their Quilt Club put that together, they responded with “There’s a little …

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