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  • DragonDude83

    PE Proposal: Wolf Spider

    September 20, 2019 by DragonDude83

    In my search for villains who should or should not be listed under Pure Evil, I think I found a good one from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon who should be listed. What do you have to say about Wolf Spider?

    Wolf Spider is an evil counterpart of Peter Parker from an alternate dimension who chooses to use his powers for evil instead of good, believing that heroism and responsibility are "pathetic ideals," and would kill anyone who would dare attempt to uphold to those ideals. He has killed all the people who held those ideals and all the heroes, especially his world’s Miles Morales, and says that his name would become an sign of fear to anyone who hears it in his world. As soon as he found about other worlds and the Siege Perilous when a shard …

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  • DragonDude83

    PE Proposal: Jhin

    September 17, 2019 by DragonDude83

    Time to talk about some characters from League of Legends. This proposal is about the virtuoso himself. What do you have to say about Jhin?

    Khada Jhin, the Virtuoso, is a playable character in the game. He is a psychotic serial killer turned assassin who believes that murder is art, and that there is no drama in peaceful deaths. He was once an Ionian prisoner serving his time, presumably for countless other murders he's committed beforehand, before being freed by shadow elements within the ruling council of Ionia. Now he’s the council’s "secret weapon," using his gun as his paintbrush, painting a layer of fear and terror on this once peaceful island nation.

    The teaser trailer, Mind of the Virtuoso, shows him committing four murders, seeing the…

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  • DragonDude83

    PE Removal: Dead Water

    September 15, 2019 by DragonDude83

    I’m going to explain why Dead Water from the Aquaman comics is not Pure Evil.

    Dead Water is an aquatic virus-like symbiote that turns people into an eel-like hybrid creature. It takes over their minds, forcing the consciousness of its host to act as a "passenger" while Dead Water takes over. This is the fate which happened to marine engineer Jonah Payne, who was turned into the eel-creature.

    Honestly, this sounds like a "Made of Evil" situation. Dead Water only emerges when its host gets wet. And even when it takes control, its moral agency has to be in question as well. Is Dead Water aware of who it kills? The human that it possesses, Jonah Kendry Payne is from his consciousness while the parasite takes over, and he regrets it when he killed …

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  • DragonDude83

    Never thought you’d expect a version of Deadpool to be voted as Pure Evil, but here he is. What do you think about Deadpool (Ultimate Marvel)?

    Wadey Wilson was a former military officer, until he became a mercenary, hiring himself to whoever pays the most, especially if he’s after his most hated target: mutants.

    He hired himself out to Mojo Adams to be a mutant exterminator on the TV show, "Krakoa Island." Wilson, now calling himself "Deadpool," handpicked a select group of soldiers from his former unit, and convinces them to join him on the show. All of them undergo horrific cybernetic body modifications to make themselves stronger, with the selected group now called, "Reavers." Deadpool and the Reavers were made to be the stars of "Krakoa …

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  • DragonDude83

    I am here to say why I don’t think Leviathan (Digimon) is Pure Evil.

    Leviathan is the main antagonist of Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters. He is an A.I. that was split off from another A.I. called Minerva, until he went rogue and created the L-Virus.

    While it’s true that Leviathan wants to control humanity, it’s mostly to create a world without pain or conflict. Also, you’d think he’d punish Mienumon or any of his subordinates for their failures, but he doesn’t, specifically Mienumon. He doesn’t even demote her for her incompetence. Perhaps the most glaring reason why he doesn’t qualify is his affinity for his creation, Yuujin Oozora. Even when Yuujin becomes an AppliDriver for real, despite Leviathan wanting to kill them, he orders them not …

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