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In my trend for approving Pure Evils on the Pure Evil Wiki, here’s a good one that should be approved. What do you have to say about Jack the Ripper (Batman: Gotham By Gaslight)?

What is Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight is an animated movie on a special take of Gotham City during the late 19th century Victorian Era. There is a comic as well, but I’ll talk about the movie. And there is a lunatic that murders women going by the name of Jack the Ripper.

Who is Jack the Ripper? What Has He Done?

Jack the Ripper is a serial killer who particularly kills women. We first see him murder Pamela Isley in an alley. Soon, he goes after Selina Kyle in a factory when she was determined to stop him. He proves to be quite the fighter too and would’ve killed Selina if it wasn’t for Batman intervening. Jack even holds his own against Batman, but is stopped when Batman activates a trap door.

Later in the Church Graveyard, he confronts Sister Leslie Thompkins, who didn’t run and scream to give him the satisfaction. She forgives him before he kills her. When he encounters Batman at Arkham Asylum, he throws Hugo Strange into a den of inmates where he gets torn apart. He makes his getaway in a zeppelin by throwing off the pilot to his death.

Soon, an old woman who saw Bruce Wayne leave the Church Graveyard where Sister Leslie was killed and extorted money from him to keep silent earlier was killed and Bruce Wayne was framed. So he wound up getting arrested, only to get bailed out by Selina Kyle when she told Commissioner Gordon that he’s Batman.

But we learn that Gordon is actually Jack the Ripper. He was shell shocked from the Civil War as mentioned in the Battle of Antietam. He has devolved into a deranged, delusional, misogynistic Knight Templar who is determined to purge Gotham from those that he feels does not deserve to live. From common criminals to immigrants to especially prostitutes, as he sees prostitution as the source of Gotham’s "filth," saying that they are destroying good men and that "wives are the worst prostitutes of all" as he had his wife’s face burned because he was "burning the sin out of her," and particularly murders prostitutes in gruesome ways so everyone can see how they are "hidden inside."

Gordon sedates Selina and tries to kill her while she’s drugged, but Batman follows him to the Gotham World’s Fair and fights him once again, with Batman getting the upper hand and cuffing Gordon to a rail on a Ferris wheel while the World’s Fair is burning down. Refusing to be taken alive, Gordon laughs and backs himself into the fire, letting himself get burned alive.


Big bad, sets it.

Mitigating Factors

Jack the Ripper/Commissioner Gordon was shell shocked at the horrors he’s seen at the Civil War. He even had a dream that his wife was targeted by Jack, but it takes on a new meaning when he’s revealed as Jack, because he was looking to kill her as well, and has driven her insane when he "burned the sin out of her." Nothing justifies his actions, especially getting beaten by nuns as a child for being left-handed, which was a bad sign during those times. So he uses that left hand to "do Jack’s work." Jack the Ripper is a sign on much evil is inside of a person in Gotham.

Final Verdict

I say yes.

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