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What do you think about Legion (Shadow Man)?

What is Shadow Man?

Shadow Man is a video game based on voodoo, serial killers, and other creepiness. Michael Le Roi is a former literature student who lost his parents and his little brother Luke to gang members. Afterward, he became a hitman for a bokor (voodoo sorcerer) unwillingly, but was saved by Mama Nettie, another voodoo specialist, who turned him into the Shadow Man, a powerful voodoo warrior with the ability to travel to the Deadside (Purgatory) and return to the Liveside (our world). Mama Nettie warns Shadow Man of an evil force trying to bring an apocalypse to the Liveside, and here is where we talk about Legion.

Who is Legion? What Has He Done?

Legion is a malevolent, millennia-old entity that resides in the Deadside. He was banished from the Deadside for being too evil for its guardians to handle, and for his obsession with Dark Souls, artifacts capable of empowering those who collect it. Seeking to return, Legion poses as voodoo gods to spread a false prophecy about the end of the world, so he can manipulate beings from the Liveside. He posed as an elegant middle aged man, and recruited five of the worst serial killers (Jack the Ripper included) and gives them a chance to continue their killings in the Liveside if they help him achieve his goal, with dozens of people getting killed as result. In the Deadside, Legion creates a "Cathedral of Pain," where he conducts horrible experiences on the already suffering Deadside denizens, mutilating them and fusing them with Dark Souls, turning them into grotesque monsters to invade the Liveside and extinguish all life. Knowing that the Shadow Man is on him, Legion takes the form of his deceased brother, Luke, to mess with him. He reveals himself by telling a joke about murder, laughing about it like it’s the best joke in the world, and mocks Michael for not letting his brother rest in peace. If Michael fails to defeat Legion, he succeeds and turns the Liveside into another realm of torture he could rule with an iron fist.


Legion is the worst character in the game. The serial killers Michael has to face are pretty bad, but they have disqualifying features, from from being too comical to just outright insane. Legion, on the other hand, knows very well what he’s doing, and he enjoys it. This is not a case of it being a "Made of Evil" trope, because he has the moral agency to know what he’s doing, and he was banished from the Deadside, because not even the guardians can contain his evil. His human form constantly bleeding from the mouth could indicate that he’s so evil, his human form is not fully capable of handling his demonic influence.

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Final Verdict

Strong yes.

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