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Behold his glory and his might. Voting him in as PE just sounds right.

I've been wanting to propose this guy ever since I’ve played Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. His lies and manipulation on many souls to achieve godhood should indeed make him qualify. What do you have to say about Magus (Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy)?

What's the Work

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is the new video game based on our favorite galactic outlaws; Peter Quill aka Star Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket (not a) Raccoon, and Groot. The game is choice oriented, and what starts as catching a monster from the Quarantine Zone winds up with the group paying a fine to Nova Corps. So our heroes cheat and/or rob beast collector Lady Hellbender. After they get enough money to pay the fine, the game takes a dark turn as the Nova Corps are under influence by the Universal Church of Truth seemingly led by Grand Unifier Raker, but in truth is led by a darker force.

Who is Magus?

Magus is the manifestation of the inner darkness of Adam Warlock and is the one behind the manipulation of everyone in the galaxy.

What Has He Done?

Extracted from Adam Warlock's subconscious and imprisoned in the Soul Stone, he was accidentally released by Star Lord and Rocket in the Quarantine Zone. We get to see how much of a force he is when he takes down a space whale. He reaches Grand Unifier Raker and manipulates him to relaunch the Universal Church of Truth with the promise of resurrecting his dead son should his plan succeed.

With Magus' guidance, Raker has people across the galaxy brainwashed into joining the cult by a force called "The Promise," which takes despaired people into a reality where their deceased loved ones are still alive, or in some cases, where they were never taken away from their happy homes (hello Cosmo), with them accepting The Promise, these poor souls are welcomed into the cult with Magus devouring their souls in the process. With the church’s technology, Magus makes his influence known and spreads the Promise to many planets in the galaxy, making them easy to be conquered due to its inhabitants willing to accept the Promise, having them join the cult. He also has Faith energy drained from his followers, having them killed in a ritual, even children are subject to this. Raker claimed that Faith energy is a safe energy source used to power their ships and technology, when in reality, Magus is using it to create a powerful physical form for himself so he can consume the galaxy and remake it in his own image.

Magus also shows the power to resurrect the dead as seen when his cult attacked Nova Corps and the dead officers are attacking the guardians. Their dead bodies are revived to join the Church's army. Magus manages to corrupt 12 year old Nikki Gold into becoming the Matriarch, killing her adopted Kree mother, Kor-El, in the process, giving her the vision of her, Kor-El, and her (assumed) father, Peter Quill, as a happy family living together. Drax had also accepted the Promise for a while with visions of wife Hovat and daughter Kamaria alive again. Magus was planning on something called "The Fulfillment," with souls of the Church's followers absorbed by Magus with the false belief that this would benefit the church. Entire planets were wiped out because of this. After the Guardians make right with Lady Hellbender in capturing Fin Fang Foom, they manage to get her beast forces to lead an assault on Sacrosanct. Depending on if you’ve convinced them, Cosmo and the Worldmind also assist in their assault. After rescuing Nikki, Raker fights the Guardians which leads to his death and Adam Warlock absorbs Magus back inside him. The Guardians are greeted as heroes and they ride the Milano off with the credits rolling…

Except… it’s not the end. Magus has become too powerful for Warlock to contain, and takes over, looking to destroy the universe as their new god. After mocking him and goading him to attack, the Guardians and Nikki Gold managed to imprison Magus back inside the Soul Stone.

Mitigating Factors

Nope. Nada. He considers himself to be a god-like deity with quite a mean streak behind him.

Moral Agency

Even if he’s Warlock's inner darkness, you’d be appalled.

With his evil, he never stalled.

Okay, enough talking in rhyme here. In all seriousness, "Made of Evil" does not apply here. He has clearly shown to have the personality of a sociopath, and clearly delights in causing misery with the belief that he should rule all. He is clearly cognizant of his actions and was willing to destroy the universe so he can sate his god complex.


The game has an original story behind it, and is not part of any preexisting continuity. Magus is shown to be the one behind all the games events and is similar to how he executes them with Ego if you play the game (Ego used Peter as a living battery for his assimilation plot, and Magus similarly used Nikki Gold for The Fulfillment. The affect toward victims is quite similar). Also, considering that Thanos is killed before the game’s events allegedly by Drax, he clearly sets the standard on heinousness in the game. Raker doesn’t qualify, because even though he was the heavy, his actions were driven by grief over his dead son, which Magus used to manipulate him.

Also, even though he speaks in rhyme, that doesn’t disqualify from being PE anytime.

Final Verdict

I say yes. Magus is pure evil.