Oh boy, I can’t believe I’m proposing a villain from the worst Batman Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher movie. Good thing I remember the Batman & Robin film so I don’t have to see it again. What do you have to say about Poison Ivy (Batman & Robin)?

Who is Poison Ivy? What Has She Done?

Dr. Pamela Isley was a botanist employed under Dr. Jason Woodrue in a lab in South America with the intention of saving plant life. After witnessing Woodrue using her research for unethical megalomaniacal means, including turning a prisoner into the super soldier Bane to be sold to the highest bidder, Woodrue noticed Isley watching him and offered her to rule side by side, but Isley threatened to call the authorities on him. Not good with rejection, Woodrue shoves Isley into a chemical solution, presumably killing her. After re-emerging as Poison Ivy, she kisses Dr. Woodrue, revealing that her lips can poison anyone who kisses her, thus killing Woodrue. She embraces her newfound identity and recruits Bane, who rampaged in Woodrue's lab. Together, they go to Gotham.

She shows what she is capable of with her pheromone dust at the rainforest ball, seducing many rich attendees, including Batman and Robin. After witnessing Mr. Freeze rob the gala of a valuable diamond necklace (which Ivy allowed to take), Ivy starts plotting to kill all living beings on earth so she can replace them with her own plant life. She and Bane set up a base in an old Turkish bath with Bane getting rid of the gangsters hiding there. Then she heads to Arkham Asylum to free Freeze.

Posing as Freeze's sister, Ivy affects the guards with her pheromone dust and immediately kills them with her kiss. There, she offers to pair up with Freeze seemingly to help him with his goals. While at his base trying to get his equipment to relocate, Ivy manages to charm Robin enough to make him quite belligerent to Batman. After that, she unplugs the life support of Freeze's wife, Nora, not willing to share anything.

While at Ivy's lair, she tells Freeze that Batman is responsible for Nora's death. In a rage, he goes ahead to his original plan to freeze Gotham City (with no ransom this time). Ivy convinces him that all of humanity should suffer with him so he can freeze the world with he and Ivy (and maybe Bane) can be the only inhabitants with Ivy replacing all living things with her modified plants. She lures Robin in her lair after Bane changed the Bat signal to the Robin signal, with the false pretense that she wants to be good, to turn over... a new leaf. She tells Robin about Freeze's plan and offers a kiss for luck (bad luck), only to discover that Robin tricked her and that rubber lips are immune to her charms. Enraged, Ivy uses her powers of plants to drown Robin in a pond and strangle Batman with a vine when he tried to rescue him. They were rescued by new Batgirl who completely outfights Ivy, kicking her into her Venus flytrap seat with the flytrap seemingly eating her alive.

At the end, she survived and is now an inmate at Arkham and discovers in horror that Mr. Freeze (who learned of Ivy's deception and attempted murder of Nora) is her cellmate vowing to make her life a living hell. With his suit, you can presume that Ivy’s fate was not pleasant.

"Prepare for a bitter harvest. Winter has come at last."


Let's get one thing clear, in the Burton/Schumacher-verse, no one tops the Joker with his penchant for causing death, mayhem, and cruelty. That being said, Poison Ivy definitely stands out as an "outright" (former category), or card carrying villain. Adaptational villainy removing her more redeeming values. Poison Ivy was looking to end all life on earth to start anew with her own modified plants, definitely with a god complex in her (Hell, I AM Mother Nature.). So as far as manipulating Freeze to kill everyone with a mega freeze ray, she definitely stands out.

Mitigating Factors?

As Dr. Pamela Isley, she really wanted to give plants a fighting chance in nature by combining animal venom with plants. When she became Poison Ivy, there was no indication of her having a split personality, nor has there been evidence that the chemicals were affecting her mind. She fully embraced what she become. Any sympathy for her is thrown right the window when she unplugged Nora Fries' life support and lied to Freeze that Batman killed her, leading him to create a mega freeze ray to freeze Gotham and expand her plan to the entire world. As far as saving plants go, no. She wants to kill all of life and replace them with her own plants to rule.

Final Verdict

Even with Joker in the same universe, I’m going to say yes.

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