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After months of a break from proposals, I got to play Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. After hearing about how hated this guy is, I gave it an honest play through, and IMO, he definitely qualifies. What do you have to say about Simon Kriger?

Who is Simon Krieger? What Has He Done?

Simon Krieger is the executive director of research for Roxxon. His quality is taking all the credit despite not showing much scientific acumen, and he was put in charge of the Nuform Project. Nuform was promoted as a source of clean energy that was developed by Rick Mason. But Nuform is far from clean and exposure leads to illness and horrible side effects, poisoning the body right down to the marrow. But Simon is determined to make money off of it anyway, and murdered Rick before he and his sister Phin can pull the plug on the whole thing while snidely remarking that no one will care about some sick people uptown. This murder led to Phin becoming the Tinkerer.

Cut to the events of the game, and Simon is seen as a gentrifier in Harlem while passing off as a humanitarian, intending to set up a Nuform plant there. He’s seen the Spider-Men take down Rhino, telling them that he’s making sure he’s going back to the Raft, but more on that later. Phin Mason, as the Tinkerer, has been leading a resistance army called the Underground against Roxxon, leading to confrontations with Spider-Man that caused a bridge to be blown up. Phin got to steal a Nuform canister intending to blow up the new Roxxon Plaza. Krieger made a deal with the Prowler to gather intel on Spider-Man and the Tinkerer, and that the Tinkerer will be captured but Spider-Man will be let go, Krieger obviously not knowing that the Prowler is Miles' uncle Aaron Davis. Miles and Phin discovered each other’s identities, and wound up getting captured by Krieger's enforcer, Rhino, with upgraded armor. Krieger goes back on his word with the Prowler, and prepares Miles and Phin to be subjected to torture with the implication that he wants to dissect Miles for his powers. Miles and Phin managed to escape with Phin's resolve to blow up Roxxon is hardened.

However, Krieger anticipated that Phin would steal the Nuform again, and rigged it to blow up not only Roxxon Plaza but all of Harlem as well. He hides in a secret bunker so he can pass off as a survivor from a terrorist attack. This quote pretty much tells how much of a monster Krieger is while Miles and Phin have their final battle:

Oh, hey, battle royale. My favorite. Uh, just wanted to chime in to let you know, so you don’t worry: we’re going to be just fine if this building blows. Hell, we’ll be fine if all of Harlem blows. I mean do you have any idea what kind of insurance we’ve got? Oh, and the optics of being the victims of a terrorist attack? Forget Roxxon Plaza. Coming soon: Roxxon City.

Phin eventually sees what’s happening, and Miles has absorbed all the Nuform. She saves him by flying up to the sky and taking all the absorbed Nuform, sacrificing herself in an explosion. Four weeks later, Aaron Davis spilled the beans on Krieger's operation, and Krieger gets arrested, yelling in a rage that he will own the city.

Does He Meet the Heinous Standard

Oh, definitely. Take Doctor Octopus who unleashed Devil's Breath all over New York with the intention to expose Norman Osborn with him saying that he intends to cure the city once Osborn has been exposed. Hammerhead intended to run all of New York's mafia and kill off the other mafia dons so he can rule New York with an iron fist. Simon Krieger easily reaches this standard. Motivated by greed, he killed an engineer who developed something that was supposed to be a clean form of energy when it turned out to be anything but. Not caring about the fatal flaws, he wanted to sell it all around, and the fact that he was willing to have Harlem blown up and not caring about the potential casualties but was determined to remake it in his image. This guy is a monster.

Mitigating Factors

Oh no. His charm is completely superficial. He’s a clear sociopath with no bonds on anything. It’s kind of laughable how evil he is.

Final Verdict

Definite yes.

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