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Since we’re doing an Approved Evil Pages category, I think it’s only fair if we set up a page of approved villains that have not been added to this Wiki yet. You know, to set up maintenance. It’s more of a who’s who for those who don’t have a page yet. I’ll name a few villains that need to have a page soon.

  • Kakaro Alphoria (DeltaHorizon020)
  • Xemnas (Kingdom Heart Manga) (DragonDude83)
  • Fenris (DC) (AngelOfLight666)
  • Crocodile Queen (DeltaHorizon020)
  • Lord Ravannavar (DeltaHorizon020)
  • Dante Madarang (Pat141elite)
  • Darkseid (JLA: The Nail) (Jester of chaos)
  • Lady Charlotte Ermengarde (DeltaHorizon020)
  • Lan Asuka (Pat141elite)
  • Tyrant Lily Matah (DeltaHorizon020)
  • Adompha (DeltaHorizon020)
  • Dwerulas (DeltaHorizon020)
  • Ryota Ijima (DeltaHorizon020)
  • Lex Luthor (Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl) (Frieza force soldier 100)
  • Lord Sergei IV Sneak (DeltaHorizon020)
  • Emperor Zu Zambajil (Pat141elite)
  • General Sakamori Miwa (Pat141elite)
  • The Bastard (XOBITES)
  • John Wakefield (Scars) (DeltaHorizon020)
  • Takashi Nasujima (G-Monster)
  • Alien Nuaza Eshilis (Pat141elite)
  • The Warden (Days of Hana) (Mediawatcher)

These are only a few, but I do think we need a maintenance page for those approved evil villains that don’t have a page yet.