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This proposal is for Deepa from the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

I also have a proposal for Victor.

What's the Work?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is an anime that follows the events from Naruto Shippuden. The anime follows the adventure and journey of Boruto Uzumaki and the new generation from Naruto's generations. The anime takes place since the Fourth Great Shinobi World War and world is largely at peace with the exception of some bandits and criminals that spring up. The anime is a shonen with plenty of action scenes and comedic moments.

Who is he?

Deepa is a member of Kara. He is a bloodthirsty mass murderer and the most sadistic member of the group. He has two things that interest him – eating food for their taste and murdering people who he sees as his prey for his own gratification. He is a powerful fighter who has an adamantine body and he is also very prideful for being a strong fighter. Unlike Victor and the rest of Kara, Deepa only appears in the anime.

What has he done?

Deepa was a member of Kara and appeared during their meetings. Among some members like Delta he was considered a creep, but the rest of the organization did not know that he was conspiring with Victor. In the Land of Valleys, Deepa acted as Victor's right-hand and was tasked to find the Hashirama Cell that went missing. On Deepa's mission he stopped at a restaurant to eat some food, but after eating he killed all the customers and employees at the restaurant. Deepa went around town questioning looters and criminals about the whereabouts of the Hashirama Cell. He also killed at least a dozen people while questioning them about who has the Hashirama Cell – the last group of people he killed even though they told them that Leaf Ninjas supposedly had it. With the information, Deepa went after Leaf Ninjas who – unbeknownst to Deepa the Leaf ninjas did not actually have the Hashirama Cell; quadruplets from the Land of Haze had it but framed the Leaf ninjas for having it. Despite the mix-up of information, Deepa confronts the Leaf ninjas and Cloud ninjas. Deepa attempted to kill them upon first meeting them, but his attempt failed. Omoi and his men decided to take Deepa on in battle while the Leaf Ninjas went after Land of Haze quadruplets. The battle lasted a significant amount of time, but the men could not defeat Deepa. Deepa took Omoi as hostage and demanded to know the whereabouts of Hashirama Cell or he'll kill Omoi. Marui and Karui, the names of the men accompanying Omoi, told him what he wanted to know. Deepa responded by killing both men and leaving Omoi.

Deepa reached the Leaf Ninjas and the last two surviving members of the Land of Haze quadruplets. He killed one of the quadruplets, Hiruga, upon his arrival. Victor also appeared soon after and proceed to fight Konohamaru and Mugino as Deepa fought Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki. The fight was a curb-stomp battle, as the trio could not injure Deepa despite all they tried to do. Outraged over his brother's murder, Asaka ensnared Deepa in a suicidal attack that was intended to kill Deepa and destroy the Hashirama Cell. Deepa survived the Red Spider Lily attack that was supposed to burn him to death and the Hashirama Cell was unscathed. Deepa focused his attention back on Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki, but the three were at their limits against Deepa and Mitsuki using his sage mode had to get his teammates out of danger.

After successfully getting the Hashirama Cell, Victor tasked Deepa with getting a piece of Urashiki Ōtsutsuki's puppet in the desert in the Land of Wind. Deepa is next seen in another restaurant eating food by himself. At some point before Shikidai, Chocho, and Inojin appeared at the restaurant to face Deepa, Deepa had already killed all the patrons and workers at the restaurant. He stared at Shikidai and his teammates outside the restaurant before leaving the crime scene. He reappeared the next day to try and retrieve the puppet and encountered Shikidai, Shinki, and the others. Deepa tried to kill them to get the puppet with his carbon projectiles. He managed to retrieve the puppet, but Shinki destroyed it. Deepa paused for a moment and walked off to go back to Land of Valleys. He told Victor that the mission was a failure.

Later on, when the god tree was coming to fruition, Deepa reappeared to confront Boruto and Sarada. He laughed at them and called them cowards for running away from him in their last fight. He also told them that he enjoyed killing and that it was gratifying to him. He also said that he looked forward to eating the chakra fruit from the god tree since it was something he never tasted before. He also said that he was going to kill Boruto and Sarada before he began to fight them. As the battle continued, Deepa encountered Mitsuki who came to Boruto and Sarada's aid. The three, this time around put up a major challenge to Deepa and managed to destroy his extremely dense armor with Boruto's very dense rasengan. Deepa's armor came apart and he could not fight. He began to get upset at the thought that he could not eat the chakra fruit before a piece of rubble fell down, killing him, and destroying his body.

Unbeknownst to Deepa, Victor lied to Jigen about the Land of Valley incident being masterminded by Deepa to push any suspicions off of himself. Pieces of Deepa's body were recovered by Kara and Jigen had Amado reconstruct Deepa's head – reviving him. Deepa told Jigen and Amado the truth behind the Land of Valley incident. After providing Jigen with the information he needed, Jigen ordered Amado to kill Deepa as he no longer served his purposes.

Heinous Standards

Naruto has a particularly high heinous standards due to the actions of prevalent villains like Orochimaru and villains within the Akatsuki organization along with other particularly vicious villains. By the time of the Boruto anime, the average villain are mere bandits and thieves. Nonetheless, Deepa holds his own even among earlier villains of the franchise. While he was not a powerful god like Momoshiki or an influential big bad and warmonger like Madara, Deepa used the power and opportunity at his hands to inflict as much damage as he could and did not hold back at any point.

He was a psychotic murderer who killed just because he can – but he also made it clear to Boruto and Sarada that he enjoyed seeing the people he murder despair. He described himself as a "hunter" who is after his prey – and is shown to take a lot of pleasure in killing those weaker than he is. To put into perspective, Deepa committed at least four mass murders within the present-storyline; the first massacre at the restaurant, the numerous killings around the city where he killed groups of people for information, and another massacre at another restaurant – this totaling around at least three dozen people he murdered. This coupled with other murders he committed such as murdering Marui, Karui, and later Hiruga. He made use of his resources to harm as many people as he can through the numerous senseless killings. Also given what he's done, this shows a pattern where this is not the first time he's committed these killings – but had been committing these mass murders for a while now before the storyline he appeared in.

Usually, Deepa is shown to kill his victims quickly – like what he did with Marui and Karui, but if he can't kill his enemies fast enough, he opted for beating down his opponents as he did to Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki. This is another facet to his sadistic personality.

He also admitted to Boruto and Sarada that he wanted to eat the chakra fruit – not to get power to be powerful – but to continue on murdering people for his own pleasure. Considering the fact that he was a part of Victor's conspiracy to help cultivate an artificial god tree even for his own selfish goals, he was also a big time threat to the Land of Valley and if he was successful in eating the chakra fruit, he would have also become a global threat.

He committed multiple mass murders, he made it abundantly clear that he enjoyed seeing people in misery before murdering them, and he's shown to beat-down his opponents in a pretty brutal way if he can't immediately kill them. He managed to surpass not only the general heinous standards, but the standards of the story itself.

Mitigating Factors

Deepa had nothing to mitigate his villainy. He had no redeeming qualities. He was not loyal to Kara, he was incredibly arrogant, and he conspired with Victor behind Jigen's back to build an artificial god tree. His relationship with Victor was not based on any type of honor, Victor would verbally lash out at him and Deepa would not take Victor seriously. The foundation of their relationship was based on getting some power for themselves to empower themselves. Victor wanted to eat the chakra fruit to become immortal and Deepa wanted to eat it to taste it and continue his murders – their end goals did not align with each other – they are only out for their own self-interests and were using each other.

He did spare Omoi after killing Marui and Karui. He did say that Omoi would live if he got information on the Hashirama cell. This was not done out of any honor. Deepa is a self-admitted sadist. He said over and over again to Boruto and Sarada that he enjoyed seeing people in total despair. In that moment, Deepa had a level of cold satisfaction in killing Marui and Karui to make Omoi despair before going after the Leaf ninjas.

Also, he was shown to not kill anyone else like after fighting Shinki and his team – instead choosing to leave Shinki and his enemies alone because he lost interest fighting them.

He had a warped view of himself as a hunter and others as his prey. Regardless, he demonstrated clear moral agency. He knew it was wrong to senselessly murder people, but he just enjoyed doing it for his own depraved satisfaction.


He slaughtered dozens of people and is happy about it. He is devoid of any redemptive qualities and went past the general heinous standards and the standards set within the story itself. Overall, he qualifies.

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