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This proposal is for Victor from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

I also have a proposal for Deepa.

What's the work?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is an anime that follows the event of Naruto Shippuden. It is a part of the Naruto franchise and the story follows Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki, after Naruto became the Seventh Hokage. With the exception of the grim flashforward where the village is destroyed, the story is more light-hearted than Part 1 and Part 2 Naruto. The story have its share of comedic moments and action scenes.

Who is he?

He is a member of Kara. He was injured in the Fourth Great Ninja War like Ao when he was fighting against the Akatsuki forces. Victor is a business leader who is in charge of his own company – the company is supposed to be a medical company made to find cures to diseases and illnesses and treat people. However, it turns out this is not true and his organization is made so that he can create a god tree to create a chakra fruit and become immortal.

What has he done?

In the past, he was a combatant during the Fourth Great Shinobi World War. He fought against the Akatsuki forces was severely injured and loss one of his eyes and one of his legs. Years after the war, he founded his own medical company as the business leader in the Land of Valleys. His business was a success and he became very rich from it with hundreds of people working under him. Around the same time, he joined the Kara organization as an inner member. Around this time, Victor began to work alongside Deepa against Jigen and the organization’s back. Many people thought his organization was there to treat disease and illnesses as Victor claimed, but this is not the case. For a portion of time, Victor was taking his employee and experimenting on them and using them as human sacrifices to try and cultivate a new god tree. Victor was interested in creating a new god tree so that he can use it to produce and consume a chakra fruit so that he can become immortal. He tasked Deepa with trying to find Hashirama cell that went missing so that he can use it to complete the artificial god tree.

Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, Mugino and Konohamaru went to investigate and find an employee named Anato who went missing from Victor's organization. At the time, Team 7 and Mugino did not know what Victor was up to, but they tried to help him. Eventually Victor was displeased by Team 7's effort and did not want their services since they could not save the missing employee. He later encounter Team 7 and Mugino, this time as the enemy. He proceed to fight Konohamaru and Mugino so that he can get to the Hashirama cell that was nearby. Deepa nearly killed Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki, and Victor’s battle with Konohamaru and Mugino ends in the draw. After what happened, Victor was able to retrieve the Hashirama cell.

Victor tasked Deepa with finding a piece of Urashiki Ōtsutsuki's puppet so that it can be used for the god tree he intended to make. He later encountered Konohamaru and Mugino who tried to gather information on what he was doing before Victor had them removed from his business. Victor then used genjutsu (an illusion technique) on a daimyo who came to his facility so that he can manipulate him into getting some special privileges so that no one can interfere with his company. Konohamaru and Mugino broke the genjutsu on daimyo and its revealed that many of Victor's employees were ensnared within the god tree and many of them have been experimented on to the horror of the daimyo. Victor tried to attack them and buy time for the tree to grow. Victor gave a speech to the hundreds of other employees telling them that they will be used as important sacrifices to empower him – he said it in a palatable and vague way so that they did not realize that they were all going to be sacrificed to the artificial god tree. Soon after, he unleashed the tree upon all the employees in the room so that he can use their chakra for the chakra fruit. Victor with his new powers fought against Konohamaru the latter who confronted him. As the battle intensified, Victor fought against Orochimaru. The latter told Victor to give him back the Hashirama cell, but Victor refused. The wife of Anato, Mia, also confronted Victor and is shocked to see Victor's true nature. Victor was not shocked and said to her that his employees were meant to sacrificed to him. Victor wanted to use the god tree so that he can use it to snare everyone else within the Land of Valley. Victor tried to see if the tree can produce a chakra fruit so that he can eat it to gain immortality, but the tree attacked him and pulled him into it. Soon after the tree began to die when Orochimaru attacked it. He noted the tree was a faulty creation – not like the trees produced by the Ten-Tails.

After the defeat, Victor and Deepa returned to Kara. Victor lied to Jigen and told him that the Land of Valley incident was masterminded by Deepa. Victor tried to get treated for the injuries he suffered and also plotted to take Kawaki away from Jigen to gain leverage against him. Victor faked a seizure in front of Amado and put into plan to try and sabotage Jigen by taking away Kawaki. Unbeknownst to Victor, Jigen had Amado reconstruct Deepa's head so he can tell him the events of the Land of Valley. After Kara’s meeting about the missing "vessel" aka Kawaki, Victor is caught off guard by Koji Kashin who was tasked by Jigen to kill him. Victor tried to plead with Koji Kashin, but the latter burned him to death for his treachery.

Heinous Standards

He manages to surpass the standards of the story and the general heinous standards. The number of employees he experimented on are at least in the dozens. And of course, due to his experiments some of his employees lost their minds and became hostile zombie-like creatures devoid of their original personalities. He was already sacrificing dozens of his own employees to the god tree beforehand. But by the climax of his conflict with the Leaf Ninjas, he tricked his hundreds of other employees and sacrificed them to the god tree to take their chakra. Since the tree was artificial, his sacrifices had their chakra drained and many of them died. Victor intended to do this on a grander scale by unleashing the tree on all of the Land of Valley.

To put into perspective, Victor is very heinous as a mad scientist and businessman in the series. He is not a powerful god-like being like Kaguya or Momoshiki. He is also not an influential big bad like Orochimaru, Madara Uchiha, or Obito Uchiha (all three being warmongers). But, he was behind heinous experiments that maimed dozens of his employees and behind sacrificing and murdering hundreds of employees to become immortal. Although he is not a big bad or the like – Victor, did present a major threat to an entire country and would have became a global-level threat due to the creation of a god tree. Experimenting and murdering hundreds of his employees for immortality places him past the moral event horizon. For how high the standards of the Naruto franchise tend to be, he passes the heinous standards for what he had done.

Mitigating Factors

Victor had no redeeming qualities. He is not loyal to Kara. Actually, in fact, he went against Jigen for his own agenda to become immortal. And when his plan failed, he followed that up with lying to Jigen and trying to sabotage him.

His relationship to Deepa is also not redeeming. At times, Victor verbally lashed out and threatened Deepa when the two were not on the same wavelength. Victor was concerned about Deepa slaughtering dozens of people – not because he is slaughtering a bunch of people; Victor couldn't care less about that – but because it was going to give him unwanted attention from his enemies or members of Kara. Their relationship were two unscrupulous villains bonded by their own selfish ambitions for power and control – not something based on camaraderie.

He did try to put on a friendly look to people in the Land of Valley, but Victor was tricking people into thinking his organization was there to benefit others when it was not. According to Victor himself, his employees were nothing but pawns to him so that he can be immortal.

Not loyal to Kara, not loyal to Jigen, only used Deepa for his agenda, only cared about becoming immortal. That's all there is to Victor; he only cares for himself and no one else.


He had no redeeming qualities and went past the heinous standards for experimenting on, sacrificing, and murdering hundreds of his own employees. He would have eventually ended up attacking the Land of Valley and presented a major threat to the country and eventually the rest of the world. Overall, he qualifies.

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