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    This proposal is about the Father, the main antagonist of I Wanna Be The Guy.

    The Father is the Guy (the position of power) of the game until his death. He gets the position by killing his own father. When the Kid (the protagonist) is arrived to the final destination, The Father reveals he is the father of the protagonist.

    For more details; The Father

    The Father is the most brutal character of the game. This is a list of the villainous actions of him;

    • He killed his own father (The Former Grandfather Guy) to become a Guy.
    • He killed children who wants to be Guy.
    • He attempted to kill his own son, the protagonist, to protect his position.

    He only wants to protect his position and power, and he can do everything for it, like killing his father, etc.. He…

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    This proposal is about William Carver, main antagonist of Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Two.

    William Carver is the ruthless, sadistic and tyrannic leader of a group that resides in Howe's Hardware. He obsessively "loves" a pregnant woman named Rebecca, he believes her baby's father is himself, not Alvin (Rebecca's husband). Rebecca escapes with some people from Carver's oppression and Carver began searching for them.

    Carver is the most brutal villain of Telltale's The Walking Dead series, even than the other pure evils, Joan and Badger. It is a list of Carver's villainous acts;

    • He sexually harassed Rebecca.
    • He killed Walter, Alvin and Reggie.
    • He hit Clementine.
    • He brutally abused Kenny and took his left eye.
    • He oppressed all of his group me…

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    A proposal for Dr. Simon Fessenden, the main antagonist of the arcade beat 'em up game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

    Dr. Simon Fessenden is a scientist and the leader of the group named Black Merchants. He captures and kill the dinosaurs, as well as humans, to create a dinosaur-human hybrids and dominate whole world with his new creations. There are some dinosaur-human hybrids that created by Dr. Simon Fessenden:

    • Slisaur
    • Tyrog
    • Morgue
    • Bludge
    • His dinosaur forms

    In his laboratory, there are countless of test subject also.

    None. Only thing he wants to dominate the world and create the dinosaur-human hybrid.

    He murdered countless humans and animals for his goals; create a dinosaur-human hybrid and dominate the world.

    I'll give a yes. What do you think?

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    The Bandit Leader is the leader of the ruthless bandits named Save-Lots Bandits and the main antagonist of third episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead.

    • He and his goons murdered countless students and farmhands. Also, he killed an other bandit.
    • He kidnapped an innocent child named Danielle, raped and possible killed her.
    • He raids numerous camps and steals supplies from them.
    • He is a cannibal also, he and his goons make trades with St. John Family. They take human flesh.
    • He and his group racketeers and threats Ben Paul and Ben Paul gives them supplies.
    • He takes Lee's group as hostage. Also, he orders his goon Drew to kill them (including two children) if Lee provokes him.

    • None, he only thinks himself, he does not even think a redeem. He can even …

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    The Prince of Sorcerers is the main antagonist of the NES game Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu. 

    The Prince of Sorcerers abducted Jackie Chan's sister and imprisoned her, later attempted to kill Jackie Chan numerous times. Also, he created numerous enemise to kill Jackie Chan.


    The Prince of Sorcerers oppressed the animals. He mutated a frog to a dragon for his own ambitions. 

    I think he is an exactly Pure Evil. What do you think?

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