This proposal is about the Father, the main antagonist of I Wanna Be The Guy.

Who is he?

The Father is the Guy (the position of power) of the game until his death. He gets the position by killing his own father. When the Kid (the protagonist) is arrived to the final destination, The Father reveals he is the father of the protagonist.

For more details; The Father

What has he done?

The Father is the most brutal character of the game. This is a list of the villainous actions of him;

  • He killed his own father (The Former Grandfather Guy) to become a Guy.
  • He killed children who wants to be Guy.
  • He attempted to kill his own son, the protagonist, to protect his position.

Mitigating Factors

He only wants to protect his position and power, and he can do everything for it, like killing his father, etc.. He never redeemed, even before his demise, he attempted to kill his son.

Heinous Standards

The Father is a power hungry man, all he wants to get power and protect his position. He even kills his own father, attempted to kill his son and killed children to protect his power.

Final Verdict

I think we must approve him, he is a killer of his father and numerous children, and -almost- his son.

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