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My Pure Evil proposal for Paulo Guerra, the main antagonist of the Time Crisis spinoff Razing Storm.

What's the work?

Razing Storm is a spinoff of the Time Crisis series. It follows a special forces unit known as S.C.A.R. (Strategic Combat and Rescue) as well as its soldiers Alpha One and Alpha Two on a mission to infiltrate a South American country to arrest Paulo Guerra, the leader of the rebels who masterminded a terrorist attack on the United States.

Who is he?

Paulo Guerra is the leader of a revolutionary movement against a South American nation, forcing S.C.A.R. to find and capture or kill him. His army consisted of terrorists, militias, and soldiers, and were also armed with high-tech weaponry such as Raptors, H.A.C.S., Power Armors, and Krakens. While his name is unofficial, he had earned it due to masterminding an attack on the United States.

What has he done?

Paulo Guerra is a jingoist revolutionary in an unnamed country who pursued a path of terrorism out of disgust for his country and the American influence on it. Guerra has the guards at the penitentiary he's imprisoned at massacred by his forces, and puts himself in a seat of power by kidnapping the President then torturing him into catatonia, having his iris agonizingly scanned to gain access to his country's nuclear codes. Turning his own country into a war-torn hellhole and even trying to provoke the American soldiers into slaughtering his own citizens to frame them in a bad light, Guerra finally reveals his intention to nuke America into oblivion, tying one of the heroes to the missile and even spitefully revealing he wired the detonator inside the man to force his allies to kill him for any chance of stopping the nuke.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

None, as per most Time Crisis villains. All this man ever cared about was war.

Heinous Standard

His worst act was strapping Hunt, one of the soldiers, to a missile after taking him hostage. For an extra bit of spite, he even had the detonator wired directly to him.

Final Verdict

Yes. In terms of trying to nuke the entire United States, that makes him as bad as Gregory Barrows.

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