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Hello this is my very first proposal. I was looking on some Christmas scary movies and unfortunately I stumbled across these very, low budget, poorly made B horror Christmas films... Krampus: The Christmas Devil, and it`s sequel Krampus 2: The Devil returns. I absolutely hated these movies, and I found a very nasty Santa Claus.

Here is Santa the snake!

An absolute jerk, this Santa is ABSOLUTELY none of the characteristics of our beloved Santa Claus, he is a dirty, freak. So, here goes nothin.

What's the work?

Santa Claus is the main antagonist of the two films I have mentioned above, and is the watcher of who is naughty or nice. Unlike most Santa versions, including the Santa from folklore whom everyone adores, this Santa is nothing like them. He is an evil Santa who delights in the torture of young naughty children.

Who is the Candidate/What Has He Done?

The film begins with Santa, ordering his brother Krampus to drown a mean young boy named Jeremy Duffin. Krampus throws him into a lake, but Jeremy survives. Jeremy ever since than vowed to become a more nice, and thoughtful person. When he grows up, he becomes a police officer. Santa is now on a killing spree, ordering and bossing his brother Krampus around, ordering him to murder many mean children, even ones who did very minor acts. He kidnaps a innocent women so that Krampus can rape her, and orders Krampus to kidnap a boy just because he killed an insect. He lets the boy go, but only because he has bigger plans to do. He orders Krampus to not kill naughty kids right away, but to sadistically torture them in the most horrid ways possible before killing them. Jeremy tries to kill Krampus and Santa but fails, ending in Krampus killing his wife and kidnapping his daughter away.

In the second film, Santa is seen pretending to be nice in front of children, so that he could secretly check if they are naughty or nice. Santa`s beard gets pulled down by a boy named Donnie. Krampus kidnapped Donnie and forced him to feel bad. Donnie genuinely apologized, But Santa ordered Krampus to whip him to death. Later, Santa ordered Krampus to kill as many children as he could find. Eventually, Santa captured Jeremy, and forced him and his daughter Heather to engage in a satanic incest ritual. Impregned, Heather was taken away by Krampus again. Santa met with Duffin again, eventually, and said that he will never stop him from doing his mass genocide on children, saying that soon enough, he will annihilate every child that Santa deems unworthy. Duffin tried to shoot Santa, but failed, and Santa taunted Jeremy, saying "have a merry Christmas." A threequel never came out, so we can only guess what Jeremy did to Santa and Krampus.

Mitigating Factors

Santa has none. He seems to care for animals, since he was so upset when a boy killed a bug, but that is just an excuse, he even lies to Krampus so that Krampus could get why kids have been naughty. Santa also seems to care for the nice children, but that is false, he hates kids, but is forced to follow the tradition of Christmas, hadn`t it been for that, he would have massacred the nice children too. Santa also said to Jeremy that he will pay for his daughter's death, but, it is just an excuse, like always, Because Jeremy Duffin called Santa a liar, stating that he is the opposite of what everyone says he is. So, Santa may not even have a daughter, and the film implies he might have been the one responsible for her death. So, no, no redeeming qualities i am concerned of so far

No Freudian Excuse, As I stated above Santa uses his daughter as an excuse, animals as an excuse, everything. Remember, Santa was called a liar from Jeremy Duffin. even if Santa is doing this out of revenge for his daughter`s death, this is merely an obsession and not love for his family. He also is forced to follow the tradition of Christmas, which is why he tortures naughty kids only, but he takes great pleasure in the torture of them.

Of course he has moral agency, there is nothing to implicate he doesn`t. He literally knows if a child is naughty or nice. So yeah, no problem here.

Heinous Standard

Easy, the top two most evil villains in these films are Krampus and Santa. Santa stands out as more heinous because he sort of wants to spoil nice children so that they could become bad, and, he can have the chance to torture the kids in brutal ways. He is the one ordering Krampus to do all these things. He is the true villain of the films. He is responsible for mass genocide and torture, and does not care if the parents are in despair if their children are gone.

Final Verdict

This is why this version of Santa should be PE. However, it has been a long time since I have seen the movie, so if there is anything you find wrong about my proposal, let me know, its up to the community to decide.