Ardanian Michkik is a supporting antagonist in 1879-1921. He was the an Armenian jingoist,who lived in Kars. He was the founder of Hınchak and Tachnak Mob,until it was dissolved. 


After the Mondros Treaty,Michkik found the Hınchak and Tachnak Mob in Kars. French soldiers supported Armenians, and they made chaos in Osmanlı. Michkik made his right-hands as Sium Baba,Joello Naradiyan and Garbagean Jo. They fought so many times with Kuvayı-Milliye and East Anadolu Mudafaa-i Vatan. They killed so many Turkish people.

Michkik survived the East War,and he signed the Gümrü Treaty,a treaty which telling that East Anadolu is Turkey's. He moved to Urfa after Kars to help French soldiers,and he killed people in there too.  Michkik ran away from town in a night with his men and French Soldiers.

Later they went to İzmir for helping the Greece soldiers in March 1921. Michkik and his men tried to ran away from bullets and escape to mountains,but they realized that they were doing a terrible thing. While Michkik understood that Turkish people was innocent,Turkish soldiers came and shoot him,along with the other three.

In his first redemption,Michkik died honourly,in peace.