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Hey guys, so I previousy posted Fritz (Attack on Titan) though it was removed due to being acused of being plagurized. However, since I really do know that Fritz is a firm keeper and that the people who voted here strongly agree with me and voted yes for Fritz before his post was, I did PM the troper who did EP Fritz for the CM cleanup forum, Lightysnake and he did give me permission type his post here and get Fritz officially approved for being Pure Evil. So lets try again starting with the setting Attack on Titan.

What's the work?

Attack on titan or Shingeki no Kyojin is a manga about a world where humanity is seemingly extinct, walled within a vast nation that keeps out man eating giants called Titans. However, turns out there's a conspiracy, some people can turn into Titans and humanity isn't gone, but rather it's an ancient grudge going back millennia between the walled lands, the Eldian people with their Titan power, and the industrialized nation of Marley seeking to destroy them and the origin of this grudge? The first Titan was a woman named Ymir Fritz. Now then let's talk the dark origins of the Titans and the first Eldian King. King Fritz.

Who is King Fritz?

A brutal tyrant in a seemingly Celtic society, Fritz is a brutal tyrant who runs a kingdom of oppression, murder and violence, taking slaves with a policy of cutting out their tongues, and massacring others. Ymir was a young girl raised in slavery and brutally conditioned until she lacked a sense of self on her own, observing the horrors of the King's regime until the day someone allowed a host of pigs to escape. The King decided to take an eye from all assembled slaves, until they blame little Ymir. The King decides to 'free' her and turns her loose to be hunted for sport.

Ymir flees and stumbles upon a mysterious creature that attaches to her, turning her into the first Titan with incredible powers. Despite being vastly more powerful, her slave mentality persists and the King orders her to fight for him having Ymir destroy the enemies of the Eldians, slaughtering countless soldiers and civilians, building an empire on slavery and genocide.

Unsatisfied with this? The King makes Ymir his queen to give him children, raping her to use her as a broodmare so she breeds children after years of this, an enemy tries to assassinate the king and Ymir throws herself in front of a spear meant for him. The King demands she survive because he hasn't given her permission to die.

With Ymir dead? He has their daughters eat her corpse raw to inherit her powers, dividing it between nine titans, instituting a sickening tradition where they will be eaten by their successors to inherit it and unleashes the Titans to destroy Marley and all others, with a legacy of slavery and massacre.

And the king? Dies of old age with no true justice for his crimes.


AOT is dark as hell. The more sympathetic bad guys unleash the Titans on the Eldians, resulting in ungodly amounts of horrible death. Marley is a genocidal military power, and the current main villain wants to wipe out the Eldians, with even the hero Eren having dark schemes it's a black world, but the King is from an age long past. He's just a guy, in a more primitive time who in one single chapters proves himself the most despicable villain in the series. And he's a rapist which is unique. But here? Torture, slavery, rape, personal cruelty, genocide all of that while setting in motion the events of the series and the most fucked up family attitudes.

Mitigating Qualities?

Nothing. The man is just a blackhearted tyrant. He sees his family as tools...notably after years of being his queen, when Ymir is dying, his only concern? "I didn't say you could die!" before forcing his daughters to eat her corpse raw. Yeah, take that how you will.


I think he's a keeper.

Now hopefully I have more success with Fritz this time around since Lighty gave me his permission to use his post here

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