Alright I've just finish playing Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) and I believe that I have one candidate to discuss here, but lets talk about the game first.

What’s The Work?

Star Wars Battlefront II is shooter video-game that takes place in the Star Wars Expanded Universe where you get to play as a stormtrooper in its single-player campaign as storm trooper, Iden Versio. However Iden becomes disillusion with the Empire once Operation Cinder involves destroying planets loyal to the Empire and defects from it. Her “friend” Gideon Hask , not so much and he is who I’ll be discussing.

Who Is He? What Has He Done?

Gideon Hask is a soldier serving the Galactic Empire and part of Iden Versio’s Inferno Squad, a group of elite soldiers handpicked by Iden herself and tasked with carrying out the Empire’s most dangerous missions and accomplishing them.

Their first mission took place after the destruction of the first Death Star in the prequel novel Star Wars Inferno Squad and it was to eliminate the Dreamers, an extremist group consisting of surviving members of Saw Gerrera's Partisans, to which after wards Gideon personally has them all killed, even those who are completely innocent.

When Gideon and theInferno Squad arrived on Endor to help the storm troopers kill the Rebels and Gideon gladly carries out the Emperor’s contingency plan, Operation: Cinder, which is to destroy several planets loyal to the Empire should the Emperor die, to ensure that the galaxy would still fear the Empire.

When Iden goes against Gideon and the Empire since he wanted to destroy Vardos and kill all the innocent people still on it, Gideon tries to kill Iden, Del, and the civilians that the duo were trying rescue before extracting Gleb.

Afterwards, Gideon would become Iden and Del’s Arch-Enemy where he would do anything to kill them such as having his storm troopers ambushed them when they were trying to destroy the Chinook fuel station and gleefully attempts to shoot Iden out of the sky during the Battle of Jakku

Gideon Hask, would eventually become a high ranking officer of the First Order and comes up with the plan to have Gleb kidnap children all over the Galaxy where Gideon would have them brainwashed into becoming loyal and fanatical soldiers to the First Order a plan which Gideon calls Project Resurrection. Gideon would also have Kylo Ren torture his former comrade Del, via Mind Rape before executing Del by shooting him countless times and later executes Gleb once she’s no longer any use to them before attempting to kill Iden and Shiv

Afterwards Iden and her allies would infiltrate Gideon’s ship, the Retribution, to kill Gideon, destroy his forces AKA the retribution, and putting an end to his Project Resurrection. However Gideon holds Iden’s daughter, Zay, hostage and attempts to kill Zay’s daughter, but Iden intervened and kill Gideon, only for Gideon to have fatally shot Iden prior leading to her death as well.

Freudian Excuse? Redeeming Qualities?

Okay so it was briefly mentioned that his parents worked for the Galactic Empire and were killed by a rebel bomber when he was a child. However, Gideon has never shown has have actually cared for them as he never mentions them in the book nor the game, merely viewing them as expendable to the Empire.

His loyalties to the Empire are strictly out of his enjoyment to sowing fear into his enemies and taking enjoyment out of seeing them suffer or kill by his hands and joins its successor, The First Order, just so that he can continue instilling fear through death and suffering once more.

He did seem to care, or at least respect Iden and Visero, but once they go against the Empire’s orders not to rescue civilians, Gideon show no hesitation nor remorse in attempting to kill the duo and the civilians that they were trying to rescue and later show glee in hunting down them and later killing Del before spitefully shooting at his corpse, while also attempting to kill Iden and her daughter.


I understand that Star Wars has a pretty high heinous standard, but given Gideon Hask’s rank and limited resources, I’d say that he goes all out with what he has. He’s goes against Iden's orders and shows to sadistic glee in massacring the Dreamers and innocence in the prequel novel, whole-hardily supports and even helps carrying out Operation Cinder which involves destroying planets loyal to The Empire while killing billions of lives in the process, and tries kill his own allies and the civilians that they were protecting.

He’s also is in charge of a galaxy wide child trafficking ring, which is extremely unique in the Star Wars canon where he personally oversee innocent children throughout the galaxy for him to brainwash said children into becoming fanatical soldiers for the First Order, kills his own ally Gleb once he believe that she is of use to him, has Kylo Ren torture Del through Mind Rape before he personally executes him, and fatally shoots Iden, and attempts to kill Iden’s daughter.

Really the only person who I might consider is Gleb since she does take part in Gideon’s child-trafficking ring, but given that Gleb seems subordinate to Gideon along with Gideons other atrocities, I would say that he has Gleb beat in terms of heinousness. Anyone else isn’t worth considering, especially Garrick and Iden Visero whom both have redeeming qualities and are no where near as bad of Gideon.

Final Verdict?

I believe that he is a yes

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