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Okay I’ve got a candidate from a show that I watched. The show is called Slasher, so lets discuss the work

What’s The Work?

Slasher is a Canadian anthology horror television series created by Aaron Martin. The first is where my candidate comes from whose premise centers on a mysterious figure billed as The Executioner who has been terrorizing the fictional town of Waterbury Canada. However my candidate isn’t the Executioner but instead another person, Chief Iain Vaughn.

Who Is He? What Has He Done?

Iain Vaughn is the chief of police in Waterbury who is revealed to have kidnapped 15 year old Ariel Peterson by offering her a ride from a party. Iain would then proceed to rape her in his car and would keep her as his sex slave in his home for him to rape her for five years in his basement eventual siring a child by rape, and would hold Ariel’s child, Jake, hostage should she ever try to escape, a threat he makes perfectly clear when Iain straggles Jake in front of Ariel when she tries to escape.

When Iain learns that a reporter has accused Ariel’s father of molesting and killing Ariel he would coerce a prostitute to confirm the reporter’s false accusations against the father to the public to deviate any suspicions from him, leading to Ariel’s father to commit suicide and driving Ariel’s mother, Heather mad with grief for the lost of both her husband and daughter, much to Iain’s indifference, and would get the prostitute addicted to drugs to keep her under his control and make her an unreliable source.  

When Ariel’s disappearance is being investigated by Sarah Bennett, Iain kills the prostitute by giving her a drug overdose and would kidnap Sarah and attempt to kill her by beating her with a crowbar. Luckily Sarah was able to escape from Iain and would bring the police to Lain’s home to arrest him and rescue Ariel and Jake.  

Iain would try to kill Ariel and their son by burning them alive but the police would arrive before Lain could do that forcing him to escape while Ariel and Jake get rescued.  Just as Lain was about to leave Waterbury, The Executioner was able to find him and would kill him via burning him alive in a crematorium

Freudian Excuse? Redeeming Qualities?

All that’s known about Iain is that he was chief of police who exploit this status to get away with committing atrocities such as kidnapping Airel and keeping her as a sex slave for him to rape while manipulating the public into believe that Ariel’s father killed her driving the man to kill himself.

Iain so no interest in bringing justice to Waterbury, showing indifference to the Executioner and was only concerned that  the SerialKiller would come to kill him giving that he only goes after people who sinned and Iain would certainly be one of them.

He has a wife who appears, but Iain is never shown interacting with her, nor does he ever show any love or care for her, only viewing her as a hostage who Lain controls through fear to make sure that she doesn’t tell the police about Iain’s crimes and only views Ariel as a sex object to rape and the son he sired with her as hostage to keep Ariel from escaping and tries to kill them by burning them alive. So yeah no sympathetic excuses nor redeeming qualities


Given that each seasonal main villain is serial killer, you can guess that the heinous standard is pretty high. That said the serial killers have militating factors, especially those in seasons 2 and 3 whose motivations are to avenge their fallen loved ones.

I was thinking about posting The Executioner whose arguably the most heinous and unsympathetic out of the serial killers but he is shown crying while killing his father when the latter found out about his murders, which is odd given that he showed zero remorse in killing his mother when he was a child. That said, Iain Vaughn commits rape which is an extremely rare crime with only one other person Benny Ironside, committing rape.  

Even then Iain out heinousness Benny with his other crimes, which includes imprisoning Ariel as his SexSlave for five years, drives his victim’s father to commit suicide, attempts to kill Jake, a five-year old child who happens to be his own son, kills a prostitute by giving her a drug overdose, attempts to kill the heroine by beating her to death, and tries to burn both Ariel and Jake alive.  So yeah I think Iain is more unique enough to stand out in this anthology show

Final Verdict?

I think he is a yes