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Hey guys, I got a candidate to propose for Pure Evil from the movie Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle,but first lets talk about that movie.

What’s the Work

Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle is the second film of the Godzillain anime trilogy. It takes place after the first film left of where Haruo and and crew are left stranded on the Earth ruled by Godzilla and his monsters. They would soon encounter Mechagodzilla and would be tricked into using by this guy Mulu-elu Galu-gu.

Who Is He? What Has He Done?

Mulu-elu Galu-gu is part of a race called the Bilusaludo and the Aratrum's Chief Technology Officer who created Mechagodzilla many years ago to use to exterminate all life on planet Earth, exploiting Godzilla’s rampage to manipulate the human into allowing him to make the weapon for them. However Mulu was forced to leave Earth before he was able to set his plans to motion.

Many years later Mulu would return to Earth and discover that his creation Mechagodzilla has greatly expanded into a mechanical city, killing off all indigenous life forms in the process, including the numerous humans that still lived on Earth much to Sulu’s joy.

Mulu would trick Haruo and the soldiers working under him into assimilating themselves with Mechagodzilla so they can stop Godzilla. However they would soon learn that after they kill Godzilla, Mulu would use Mechagodzilla’s nanotechnology to kill off every single lifeforms on earth, including the millions, if not billions, of humans that still live on Earth.

Mulu would then use Mechagodzilla’s nanotechnology to forcibly assimilate them against their will causing them immense pain and killing the majority of them in the process. However Haruo was able to endure the intense pain and break free from the Mulu’s control and proceed to kill him along with his dragon and Mechagodzilla.

However the damage that Mulu has cause would result in Haruo’s Love Interest Yuki Tani infected with Mechagodzilla’s nano-bites, in a long-term come that she doesn’t wake up from and would last to the third film where she dies.

Freudian Excuse? Redeeming Qualities?

Nothing is known about Mulu other than he exploited humanity’s need to create a weapon that could kill Godzilla for his own omnicidal agenda.

As for redeeming qualities, If you go over them he doesn’t really have any. He seems to be friendly with Metphies, being among the few whom knows about Metphies true agenda. That said Mulu never actually show true care or respect to him calling him a bastard and religious freak while showing no remorse to trying to forcibly assimilate Metphies along with the rest of all life still on Earth. He also doesn’t express any sadness or care that his dragon gets killed.

He claims that what he’s doing is necessary and that monsters like him are called such because they cannot be defeated by people, saying that Haruo is a monster because he declared his hatred for Godzilla. However none of this come across as Blue-and-Orange Morality or a proper justification for his actions at all, and Mulu’s is basically saying that he's proud to call himself a monster because his more than willing to exterminate all life and humanity still on earth so that he can rebuild it under his image.


Mulu has more than heinous enough with the sources he has. We don’t include the monsters, such as Godzilla and Gidorah, since they hardly have any sentience being portrayed as mindless animals for the most part.

Mulu on the other hand is a completely sentient humanoid who knows that his actions are deplorable and will result in the extermination of all life in the plannet, but commits them any way all to fulfill his omnicidal agenda and megalomania all while expressing no remorse nor regret for his actions. Frankly the only one who can match Mulu in heinousness is Metphies, but Metphies has many militating factors that prevents from qualifying while Mulu has none and is still unique enough to earn a pass in heinousness.

Final Verdict?

I think that he is a keeper.

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