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Alright I've got a candidate from the video game Call of Duty: WWII. More specifically its from the games Nazi Zombies mode so lets talk about that for a moment

What’s the Work?

Nazi Zombies is a co-op story of Call of Duty: WWII that combines two of the worst things in this world, Nazis and Zombies, and makes Nazi Zombies, a premise that has been done before though its not nearly as funny here and is actually quite terrifying!

Here you can chose from four people to play as. These people include Austrian engineer Marie Fischer, Scottish ex-art thief Drostan Hynd, Art Historian turned French Resistance fighter Olivia Durant, and United States Army captain Jefferson Potts as they join forces and travel all of Germany fending off hoards of Nazi Zombies, and whose responsible for all of their if I may ask, well none other than this douchebag Peter Straub.

Who Is He? What Has He Done?

Peter Straub is a mad scientist and the main antagonist of this story whose responsible for creating these undead abominations and unleashing them throughout all of Europe. How you may say well let’s go over that shall we.

Appointed by Adolf Hitler himself to create a type of soldier that does not rest, fear or shy away from the shadow of death, Peter and his subordinates of Ahnenerbe discovered the hilt of the legendary sword that once belonged to holy Emperor Frederick Barbarossa within the mining town of Mittelburg. When Peter uses the energy from the hilt to kill his subordinates where he discovered that their corpses re-animate and started attacking Peter. Rather than be terrified of this however, he soon grew proud of this discovery and decided to uses the hilt’s energy, referred to as Geistkraft, on the entire population of Mittleburg into twisted undead abominations. When Peter soon learn that one of his men, Klaus, was a spy for the Allies, he has him sewn onto one of his undead abominations while still alive leaving him in constant agony while sending the abomination he’s attached Klaus to kill Klaus' sister Marie, and her three allies.

Luckily Marie and her allies survive, Klaus dies and they track Peter down to the island of Heligoland. At the island, the four discovered that Peter was subjecting thousands of innocents and his own men to horrific experimentation, torture, death, and revival into zombie with the hilt and has been doing so for year on this island. It gets worse, He has a door system called Corpse Gate where he has dozens of men including his own chained to doors where he has them electrocuted with the heads being repeatedly decapitated to open the doors, but somehow the victims would still alive thanks to electricity leaving them in constant agony. Only Peter has control of the Corpse Gate, which Peter uses the head of the second-in-command he had decapitated and attached to a spike on his back to open these Corpse Gates. Through that he traps the four on his island full of zombies while he leaves on a fleet of Zeppelins to Berlin with his Nazi Zombies.

Luckily the four manages to escape the island stowing on one of Peter's Zepplins, where Peter unleashes his army of Nazi Zombie them onto the city of Berlin in hope they would kill the entire Russian Red Army and any other living human being, while Peter would reclaim what’s left of Berlin for the Nazi. However the four manage to find the blade of Barbosso kick and Nazi Zombie ass, while Peter get trapped in his zeppelin lab with zombies, which proceed to eat him alive. Talk about being killed by your own creation.

Freudian Excuse? Redeeming Qualities?

Okay so all we know about Straub was born Wiesbaden in 1892 and happens to be an only child of a rich German family. So yeah, pretty hard life!

As for redeeming qualities, his admiration for Hitler is not redeemable, at all. He doesn’t really care for Hitler at all, and his admiration is only stemming from that fact that he supports Hitler’s ideology that the Aryan race is superior to all other races which Peter Straub just so happens to belong to. So, unless being a psycho supporter for White Power is a redeeming quality, than he’s got none whatsoever!


The Nazi Zombie mode is set in its own standalone story and doesn't follow the main campaign nor any of the other zombie narrative within the COD franchise, so it makes Peter Straub stand out more, with turning hundreds if not thousands of people, including his own men into undead abominations and putting dozens more in agonizing situations.

There's also his second-in-command, Heinz Ritcher, but doesn’t do much other than be a decapitated head that Peter uses to open doors, so yeah Peter Straub reigns supreme here in terms of heinousness.

I'd give this guy a yes