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I’ll leave it for you guys to decide.
I’ll leave it for you guys to decide.
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Pure Evil Proposal: Rekka Hoshimiya

Okay now then I have a candidate to discuss from Fire Force, so lets talk about the work.

What’s The Work?

Fire Force is a Japanese manga and anime series that is set 250 and fifty years after an event called the Great Disaster which destroyed many nations and rendered most of the planet uninhabitable.  

The survivors took refuge in the Tokyo Empire, which remained mostly stable during the period despite losing some of its landmass which established the faith of the Holy Sol Temple while Haijima Industries developed the perpetual thermal energy plant Amaterasu to power the country.

A special fire brigades called the Fire Force was also formed to fight increasing incidents of spontaneous human combustion where human beings are turned into living infernos called “Infernals". Among the people that has been turning these people into Infernals happens to be my candidate Rekka Hoshimiya.

Who Is He? What Has He Done?

Rekka Hoshimiya is a member of the White-Clads, who has infiltrated the Special Fire Force Company 1 becoming a lieutenant there while having forcibly turned countless people into Infernals by infecting them with bugs in his pursuit of finding those who posses the Adolla Burst.  Most of Rekka’s victims were children who Rekka experiments on with his bugs, with one incident has him burn a group of children alive

Rekka would manipulate his subordinate, Tamaki Kotatsu, into luring a group of people into an empty building where he murders a mother alive in of her child and the rest of the children by burning her alive, where Rekka then plans to experiment on the children to find one that carries the Adolla Burst while also suffocating Tamaki until she’s unconscious, planning to frame her for his crimes.

When one of the children, Nataku, does have an Adolla Burst, when Rekka uses his bugs to activate Nataku’s powers, Rekka also attempts to experiment on the other children anyway to see if they also have an Adolla Burst, or get turn into Infernals and die much to Nataku’s indifference.

When Tamaki awakens and tries to stop Rekka from experimenting on the children, Rekka attempts to murder her, where he proceeds to brutally beats her up until she dies from the beatings. Just when Rekka is about to kill Tamaki, Shinra saves her from Rekka’s killing blow, where Shinra and Rekka soon have a battle where Rekka tries to kill Shinra.

As the battle progress, Rekka grows frustrated that he is unable to kill Shinra so Rekka tries to use his powers to burn the building down which would kill everyone inside of the building, including the children he was planning to experiment on. Luckily, Rekka is stopped by Karim Flam who freezes him upon learning of Rekka’s atrocities and plans to bring him to questioning when he learns of his allegiance to the White-Clads.

However fellow White-Clad member, Arrow, kills Rekka while he was frozen so he wouldn’t spill anything about their organization, but Rekka’s actions would have a lasting impact for the rest of the series, especially to the child Nataku who was left completely traumatized as a result of Rekka’s actions.

Freudian Excuse? Redeeming Qualities?

All that’s known about Rekka is that he was a deranged and sadistic supporter of the White-Clad who whole hardly embraces the organization’s goal of turning Earth into another sun and obliterate all life in the planet and infiltrated Company 1 and transforming children and other innocence into Infernals to accomplish said goal.

That’s it about Rekka, while he does put a friendly and cheerful facade around his co-workers and children, he in truth cares nothing for the people in his fellow company nor the children that he experiments on and shows no remorse nor hesitation when he tries to kill them as such when he attempts to kill his subordinate Tamaki in a brutal and sadistic manner, and trying to kill the rest of the children by burning them and making their deaths an accidents, and even attempts to kill Karim when he tries to stop him.


As said the heinous standard for Fire Force is high, which is the reason why Miyamoto doesn’t make the cut, not to mention a cult led by, The Evangelist, wants to destroy the world and turn it into a sun with several members from the cult turning people into Infernals throughout the Tokyo.

That’s said what makes Rekka from most of the other members is that he deliberate goes after children having burned and killed countless children during his pursuit to find the Adolla Burst, which most of his victims actually being innocent children that he forcibly turned into Infernal along with his adult victims, while having a pretty high body count, even by the standards of this work.

The only other person that deliberately experiments and kills children onscreen is Sister Sumire but Sumire has far higher resources compared to Rekka being a right-hand to the main villain and is seemingly immortal having done her experiment on girls to turn them into Infernals for over 200, while Rekka is only a normal young human being ranking far lower than Sumire yet still was capable of committing similar atrocities while also planning to frame an innocent person for his crimes which is still more than enough to stand out in this series

Final Verdict?

I’ll leave it for you guys to decide.

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