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Alright, so there's this one villain from a show that I watched called Solar Opposites, but first let us talk about the show.

What’s The Work?

Solar Opposites is a sci-fi animated series created by Justin Roland (the co-creator of Rick and Morty) and released on Hulu. The premise is that a family of aliens left their planet Shlorp before it was destroyed by an astroid. They arrive on Earth where they try to fit in our society with pending results.

However their’s another story that was also developed where the alien Yumyulack has shrank numerous people and putting them in The Wall where the shrunken humans create a new home which is unfortunately run by a cruel despot only known as The Duke.

Who Is He? What Has He Done?

The Duke is one of the many humans shrunk by Yumyulack and sent to the wall where he uses this opportunity to take charge becoming a sadistic tyrant oppressing the rest of the denizens of The Wall subjecting them to slave labor in horrific conditions, hoarding the food that the alien Jesse gives them, and murdering those who don’t follow his tyrannical rule.

When one of the denizens tries to barter for insulin since his father was dying from diabetes, The Duke responds by killing him via cutting off his head. He the tricks his father into turn against the resistance group fighting against The Duke’s oppression by making him believe that they killed his son where he then has the people of the resistance killed by throwing them down a deep pit called the boo-hoo hole.

However the resistance leader, Tim, and his lover, Cherie survive falling from the Boo-Hoo hole, albeit having her cut and scarred badly the two form a new resistance group by uniting all the denizens of the going to go against The Duke and overthrow him, to which The Duke respond by flooding the entire the wall killing countless people in the Wall.

The Duke then makes his escape from the wall while through a tunnel, leaving everyone else to die. Tim and Cherie find the tunnel, but Tim kills Cherie before she could tell survivor about it before taking charge and becoming the new ruler of The Wall.

Freudian Excuse? Redeeming Qualities?

Like with everyone else The Duke was shrunken by Yumyulack before being sent to the wall. That said no one else became sadistic and power hungry like him being strongly implied that he’s always been like this long before getting shrunk and The Duke merely used this opportunity to become the de facto dictator of The Wall while oppressing and enslaving everyone else.

While he claims to be doing what’s best for everyone in the wall, it would soon be revealed that he found a tunnel leading out of the Wall and back to their normal lives, but chose to not tell anyone about this so they will think that there is no escaping the wall and The Duke can continue subjecting them to his cruel Tyrannical Rule.

He does give the father insulin, but that is only so that he turn him into his pawn and manipulate them into turning him against Tim and his resistance making him believe that they killed their son instead of him, and was willing to kill him and everyone else in the wall while he tries to escape, showing that he has zero well intentions and the only person he only cares about is himself.


I am aware that people are going to get skeptical since The Duke comes from a cartoon made by the co-creator of Rick and Morty, but there’s no evidence that Solar Opposites in the same universe as R&M being its own show, with the setting being conductive enough to have a CM with the humor derived by the aliens trying to fit in to their new society and while they tend to cause havoc on Earth, its all done by complete accident and they try to undo their mistakes afterwards.

That said all of The Duke’s atrocities are done completely intentional on his part and he is played completely seriously with zero humor towards his villainy being a sadistic dictator oppressing the masses in the wall and subjecting them to slavery and murders people who goes against him, even having a child killed gruesomely onscreen by decapitating him, tortures Tim when he has him imprisoned and drowns countless people in the Wall while he escapes killing possibly hundreds.

The only one who comes close to The Duke in terms of heinousness is Yumyulack who shrinks all the people before sending them into the Wall but he’s not having them killed and basically lets them do whatever they want while he observes with The Duke committing his atrocities out of his own choice. As Tim said Yumyulack may have sent them to the Wall but it’s The Duke who made it a prison.

I should also note that the Pupa that the aliens are carrying is meant to grow up to consume Earth and make the planet habitual for their kind, but as of now The Duke clears the heinous standard by being the main villain of the most serialized, dramatic, and story driven plot in the show and currently having the highest body count, despite having far less resources than the aliens.

Final Verdict?

I’ll leave it to you guys.

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