Hey guys so there's this one guy listed as Pure Evil but I dont think that he's heinous enough to be considered and he's from LA Noire.

What's The Work?

LA Noire is a  neo-noir detective action-adventure video game taking place in 1947 Los Angeles revolving aroung Cole Phelps as he solves cases in the city.  Now then the person who I think should be removed is Harlen J. Fontaine

Why Should He Be Removed

My reasons for thinking that Harlan J Fontaine should be removed is due to the heinous standard in the game as the follow points will explain. 

Harlan has Ira consists trying to have houses burned down to collect insurance money, but he doesn't want anyone to get killed in the burning houses, and was shocked people were still in those burning houses, and tries to get Ira to stop.  Of course this is all for pragmatic reasons, but still Fontaine isn't trying to get those people killed as part of his plans.  

Also Harlan murders his friend Courtney Sheldon and tries to have Ira, Elsa, and Kelso killed but murder is very common throughout the game appearing in a majority of Cole's Cases, especially if you compare him to the other murders in the game who have far higher body counts such as Mickey Cohen who arranges much of Sheldon's war buddies to get massacred, Ira who breaks free from Harlan's control and starts intentionally killing families on his own disturbing Harlan, Garret Mason who mutilates and murders woman while framing other people for his crimes. 

Also it was Cole Phelps who mentally scarred Ira by having him burned down a makeshift Hospital of innocence, (granted Cole was an Unwitting Instigator Of Doom who didn't know it was a hospital during the time, and was horrified upon learning) while Harlan exploited Ira's mental state for his own benefit.

Final Verdict

With the points that I said about Harlan not being heinous enough, I think that we should remove him as Pure Evil.

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