Hello so I watched the 2nd season of Solar Opposites and I'm afraid that I have someone that needs to be removed from Pure Evil. Namely it is The Duke.

Why remove The Duke?

It is revealed that The Duke had survived The Wall and has been living in the backyard for some time. He would soon come face to face with Cherrie and is forced into an Enemy Mine situation with her. During that time The Duke bonds with Cherrie and grows to genuinely care for her. Eventually he sacrifices his life to protect Cherrie and the baby that she was carrying inside her and in The Duke's final moments he showed regret while admitting that he was a terrible ruler and hoped that by saving Cherrie he is able to do some good to make for that and even tell Cherrie his name, Ringo.

Final Verdict?

With that I'd say that The Duke needs to get cut.

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