G-Monster G-Monster 14 May 2020

Pure Evil Removal: Harlan Fontaine

Hey guys so there's this one guy listed as Pure Evil but I dont think that he's heinous enough to be considered and he's from LA Noire.

LA Noire is a  neo-noir detective action-adventure video game taking place in 1947 Los Angeles revolving aroung Cole Phelps as he solves cases in the city.  Now then the person who I think should be removed is Harlen J. Fontaine

My reasons for thinking that Harlan J Fontaine should be removed is due to the heinous standard in the game as the follow points will explain. 

Harlan has Ira consists trying to have houses burned down to collect insurance money, but he doesn't want anyone to get killed in the burning houses, and was shocked people were still in those burning houses, and tries to get Ira to stop.  Of …

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G-Monster G-Monster 11 May 2020

Pure Evil Proposal: Ted Winter

Alirhgt so I have a candidate to discuss from a movie I saw. The movie in question is called Salt.

  • 1 What’s The Work?
  • 2 Who is He? What Has He Done?
  • 3 Freudian Excuse? Redeeming Qualities?
  • 4 Heinousness?
  • 5 Final Verdict?

Salt is an American action thriller that was released in 2010 and stars Angelina Jolie. The movie revolves around Jolie’s character, Evelyn Salt as she is accused of being a Russian sleeper agent and goes on the run to try to clear her name, and the person who set her up in the first place is Nikolai Tarkovsky AKA Ted Winter.

Nikolai Tarkovsky, better known in the film as Ted Winters, is a KGB sleeper agent who infiltrated the CIA to gain the trust of the American Government so that he can destroy it from the inside.

It’s also revealed …

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G-Monster G-Monster 9 April 2020

Pure Evil Fritz (Attack On Titan)

Hey guys, so I previousy posted Fritz (Attack on Titan) though it was removed due to being acused of being plagurized. However, since I really do know that Fritz is a firm keeper and that the people who voted here strongly agree with me and voted yes for Fritz before his post was, I did PM the troper who did EP Fritz for the CM cleanup forum, Lightysnake and he did give me permission type his post here and get Fritz officially approved for being Pure Evil. So lets try again starting with the setting Attack on Titan.

  • 1 What's the work?
  • 2 Who is King Fritz?
  • 3 Heinousness?
  • 4 Mitigating Qualities?
  • 5 Conclusion?

Attack on titan or Shingeki no Kyojin is a manga about a world where humanity is seemingly extinct, walled within a vast nation that keeps out ma…

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G-Monster G-Monster 17 February 2020

Pure Evil Proposal Ghost

Alright so I’ve watched this movie last Saturday and I think that I found a candidate to discuss. The movie in question is called American Assassin.

  • 1 What’s The Work?
  • 2 Who Is He? What Has He Done?
  • 3 Freudian Excuse? Redeeming Qualities?
  • 4 Heinousness
  • 5 Final Verdict?

American Assassin is a 2017 action thriller film whose premise starts with Mitch Rapp’s fiancé getting killed by a terrorist attack. This leads to Mitch Rapp vowing vengeance on all terrorists, starting with the ones who killed his fiancé. The CIA were impressed by Rapp’s skills and recruits him to a black-ops unit called Orion where their first mission is to stop this guy, The Ghost.

The Ghost is an American mercenary who made his first appearance in Poland buying Plutonium from a group…

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G-Monster G-Monster 2 February 2020

Pure Evil Proposal Ghirahim

Alirght since I discussed Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword when I first effortposted Demise, I'll get straight to propoising my second canidate from that game, Demon Lord Ghirahim.

  • 1 Who is He? What Has He Done?
  • 2 Any Mitigating Factors?
  • 3 Heinousness?
  • 4 Final Verdict

Demon Lord Ghirahim reigns below Skyloft, beginning a hunt for Zelda to restore the reign of his master Demise. A dark counterpart to Link's companion Fi, Ghirahim is the soul of Demise's blade, who causes a tornado to hit Skyloft to take Zelda, thwarted in her capture, and encountering Link for the first time, Ghirahim treats him as a sort of curiosity, cheerfully promising to 'onlly' beat him to an inch of his life as it wouldn't be sporting otherwise. Seeking to revive Demise, Ghirah…

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