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G-Monster G-Monster 12 August 2019

Pure Evil Proposal: Armin Metrac

Hey guys so I’ve been thinking about this guy for a while and since I just finished watching all the playthroughs and cutscenes I believe that I’m ready to EP this guy, from Killzone: Liberation.

  • 1 What’s the Work?
  • 2 Who Is He? What Has He Done?
  • 3 Freudian Excuse? Redeeming Qualities?
  • 4 Heinousness
  • 5 Final Verdict

Killzone Liberation is a Playstation Portable Video Game that takes place two months after the events of the first Killzone game.  The game follows Jan Templar and his squad as they travel to South Vekta to liberate it from the Helghast occupation led by this man General Armin Metrac .

Armin Metrac is the BigBad of Liberation and a sadistic General of the Helghast army who was task with claiming Southern Vekta for the Helghast Empire.  He wou…

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G-Monster G-Monster 13 July 2019

Pure Evil Proposal: Friedrich Steiner

Hey guys so I've got a candidate to discuss and yes I've made sure that no one has proposed him yet from the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • 1 What's the setting?
  • 2 Who is Dr. Friedrich Steiner? What has he done?
  • 3 Any mitigating factors?
  • 4 Conclusion?

Call of Duty: Black Ops is the first (second if you count Call of Duty: World at War) game in Treyarch's Black Ops universe. Set some 20 years after the end of World War II, it focuses on CIA Operative Alex Mason, who is being interrogated by an unknown party regarding his involvement in finding those responsible for a top-secret Soviet weapons program that threatens the US, among which includes finding Soviet activity in the midst of The Vietnam War. Now then the candidate in question is Dr. Fried…

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G-Monster G-Monster 18 June 2019

Pure Evil Proposal: Queen Nashandra

Okay here's someone from the Dark Souls series that worth discussing from the 2nd game Dark Souls '2.

  • 1 What's The Work
  • 2 Who Is She? What has she Done?
  • 3 Heinousness
  • 4 militating factors
  • 5 Conclusion

Its the sequel to the original Dark Souls where a great King named Vendrick built a kingdom known as Drangleic where they hoped to mend the minds of those suffering Hollowing under the Darksign the Undead eventually seek Drangleic out, where Vendrick has tried to find some solution that isn't just the nightmarish decision between "Let's keep up with this fire with more and more sacrifices and hope things get better" and "Okay, new age but the Abyss might mess your soul up."

Now, a new Undead stands before Drangleic and finds the kingdom is a broken, holl…

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G-Monster G-Monster 18 June 2019

Pure Evil Proposal: Ardos

Okay so I've been thinking about this guy for a while and I think he's at least deserving of a proper EP from the video game Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

  • 1 What's the setting?
  • 2 Who is Ardos? What has he done?
  • 3 Any mitigating factors?
  • 4 Conclusion?

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness is the sequel to the cult classic Gamecube spin-off Pokemon Colosseum, both featuring the region of Orre. Both games known for being quite a bit grittier (well, by E-rated standards) than the main series of games, both entries have as a central theme of Shadow Pokemon, Pokemon which have been experimented on to corrupt them by "sealing their hearts away", leaving ruthless fighting machines. The organization responsible for this is the wicked CIPHER... in Gale of Darkness? I…

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G-Monster G-Monster 26 May 2019

Pure Evil Proposal: Lord Henry Blackwood

Okay so there's this one guy that I've been thinking about from the 2009 movie Sherlock so lets talk about the movie. 

What's the movie?

The movie stars Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law as the famed detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart companion Dr. Watson respectively. At the film's opening, Holmes busts a dark occult ritual led by Lord Henry Blackwood, where he is attempting to sacrifice a young woman for occult power as he has done to others before her. Defeated, Blackwood is taken in to custody, tried for murder and hanged by the neck until dead...but then? His tomb is broken from without, Blackwood is seen prowling London and mysterious murders begin...Holmes races to solve the case and perhaps save London itself, while unravelin…

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