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An another villain who has the PE category, but needs approval. This time from Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds. I iwll refer to characters of the series by their original Japanese names.

What's The Work

The work is YGO 5ds, a third installment in the franchise.

Who is the Candidate?

Divine (Sayer in the English dub) is a leader of Arcadia Movement, an organization of psychic duelists which he intended to use in order to overthrow Rex Goodwin and eventually create an army of them to conquer the world.

What he did

He has no love, nor care or sympathy for anyone. Divine treats his subordinates as tools and uses their psychological weaknesses to manipulate them and get what he wants. This is clearly seen in Aki's case where he pretended that he cares about her, but in reality it turned out to be that he uses her for her psychic powers. Divine's most notable and heinous crimes are tests of children's psychic powers and these tests are very painful for them as shown when he was testing Rua (Leo) by threatening him that his life is on stake in the duel and whatever damage the latter was taking was felt in reality. Whoever who doesn't pass the test are considered useless and weak and then killed. This is shown when Misty's brother Toby was ordered by Divine to be shocked to death just because he didn't meet up his expectations. Rua was considered useless as well, but was kept alive only to keep his twin sister Ruka (Luna) in the organization due to having strong psychic powers. The reason he does all that simply because he wants to create an army of powerful psychic duelists and use them as soldiers to start a war against an entire world and conquer it. He is pretty much a psychic duelist version of Hitler.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

Although his past was never explored, it is hinted that Divine was discriminated by society and is seeking vengeance on it. However, there is no other info on his past and therefore it can't even count as a proper Freudian Excuse. He has no redeeming qualities and all care he showed to psychics was false.

Heinous Standard

Divine is unquestionably the most evil character in 5D's since all other villains there were either tragic ones who had their redemption later or simply weren't heinous enough as there were no one who tortured or killed children. This way he also stands out from other Pure Evils of YGO like Yami Marik and Bakura.

Final Verdict

Easily yes. With aforementioned info I think he definitely meets all criteria.

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