Pure Evil Proposal- Connie Frazier

What’s the Work?

Connie Frazier is a villain from the Netflix Series, Stranger Things, There is currently only one approved villain in the series, The Mind Flayer, but Frazier is approved, she would be the first human who is pure evil. Stranger Things is a show about a boy who gets taken by a monster to another dimension which is inadvertently opened by Frazier’s Boss, Dr. Brenner.

Who is the candidate/What they’ve done?

Connie Frazier was a corrupt government agent working for Hawkins Science lab. Brenner dispatches her to find the missing child who he experimented on for her powers, Eleven. Frazier’s first scene has her pretend to be a nice woman who cares about a missing child, and when she goes to the Restaurant Eleven is hiding, She shoots the Owner of the cafe, Benny, for no reason at all, other than he knows Eleven exists. To add to the heinousness, he was being cooperative and believed her facade. Her other act is going after and attempting to kill 4 Kids, just because they knew about Eleven.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

There are none she gives.

Heinous Standard

Only One villain has qualified as PE in this world so far, The Mind Flayer and there aren’t many villains in the work, so the standards are rather low.

Final Verdict

I think she should qualify, but in comparison to the Mind Flayer I could be convinced no.

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