Lorelei is an antagonist from the ABC TV Series, Agents of Shield, She is an asgaurdian who can control men with her voice and she forces them to do heinous acts.

What’s the Work?

Agents of SHIELD is a TV Series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Any work set in the MCU is based off comic book characters.

Who is the Candidate/What they did?

Lorelei was an asgaurdian who has powers, she can control men with her voice. Several years prior to the work, she used her voice to brainwash lots of men to serve her, she gets into trouble with Lady Sif, and steals her boyfriend from her, and he is eventually killed in battle. Lorelei is locked up for a long time, but when the Asgaurdian prisoners are broken out, she escapes to earth, where she finds a man who has just got married. She uses her voice to brainwash the man into leaving his wife, while making him do whatever she wants. Eventually she ditches the man for a Criminal Leader, and when the man finds out she kills him, cruelly telling him that she’d be with him till the end, and this is the end. Later on, she gains control of SHIELD agent, Grant Ward (he turns out to be hydra, but we didn’t know at the time), and she rapes him. She knows she’s evil, and makes it clear she crossed the Moral Event Horizon centuries ago, and she gloats to Lady Sif about making her lover a pet and using him as her sex slave. She even forced Sif to kill him in the end. Turning men evil and forcing them to kill their wives or the wife having to kill her husband in self defence should definitely qualify as pure evil.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors-

She doesn’t have any excuses and no redeeming traits.

Heinous Standard-

Two villains are already listed as PE (Garrett and Whitehall ) but I believe in her own way, she is more heinous.

Final Verdict-

I believe she should qualify, but I could be convinced no.

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