Pure Evil Proposal- Riff Tamson

Riff Tamson is a villain from the TV series, Star Wars: The Clone wars. Now the series have some very high heinous standards, but I still feel like this character stands out in his brutality and cruelness.

Riff Tamson is a ferocious Separatist ambassador seeking to destabilize the Mon Cala government and take control of the planet. To that end, he instigates a civil war between the Mon Calamari and Quarren people by killing the planet's beloved king, and radicalising the Quarren by using their fears that his successor Prince Lee-Char is unfit to rule due to his age. After engineering a surprise attack on the peace-seeking Mon Calamari, Tamson oversees a series of battles resulting in countless casualties on both sides while viciously biting many Mon Calamari to death himself. After taking control of Mon Cala and having its population enslaved, Tamson has Anakin Skywalker electrically tortured for the whereabouts of Prince Lee-Char, and when he doesn't cooperate, he threatens to drown his wife Padmé. Even when the Prince is bought before him, Tamson callously leaves her to die anyway just because he is evil (at this point is when I feel he’s crossed into pure evil), before ordering his men to rip the teenage prince to shreds in a public execution. Even Tamson's Quarren allies aren't safe from his brutality and treachery, as he plans on subjugating them as well once he's seized control of the throne.

Riff Tamson has no redeeming factors and doesn’t even try to justify his actions.

The Heinous standard for Star Wars is extremely high, but I feel like this character is more heinous than some of the villains already listed as pure evil (such as Wat Tambor and Pong Krell).

I think this character should count.

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