I was exploring the PE characters list and I saw Ego on there. BUT Ego shouldn't be on the list. So I am making a removal proposal

Who is Ego?

Ego is the main antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 and the background antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy. In the Guardians of the galaxy volume 2, Ego is portrayed as a god wannabe who wishes to kill all life by expanding his being across the universe. If this wasn't a marvel cinematic universe movie, that would seem like something serious.

Why doesn't he qualify

1st, let's look at crimes.

Murder of children: Not too henious, Obadiah stane,Ronan,Dormammu,Malekith have all tried to do that. Hydra also planned events that killed children.

Attempted omnicide: Dormammu and Malekith have also tried, omnicide isn't too henious for a MCU movie

Human trafficking: If he commited the REAL WORLD human trafficking where he sent the children to a life of abuse and slavery than that would be a real henious feat for the MCU, but it wasn't the case.  it would be illegal ways of getting your children, but it isn't comparable to the human trafficking events that happen in the real world.

Adultery: We don't know if he RAPED them, if he DID than that is pure evil material

2nd, he LOVED meredith quill. Loving somebody in the slightest disqualifies you for pure evil. He was even planning to stay with her. Yes he eventually overcame her but PE means you can't love at ALL.


Ego isn't pure evil.There are far more evil beings in the MCU

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