Hello everyone! So it has been months since The Season 2 of Hilda was released in December 2020.

I just hope it’s still okay to do this discussion since It hadn’t been discussed after its release.

Erik Ahlberg

Okay, now let’s discuss about Erik Ahlberg. He is the main antagonist in Season 2 of the series, who is a chief ranger of the Trolberg Patrol Safety.

Unlike his book version counterpart, This counterpart of him has no redeeming qualities, as despite wanting a name for himself, like his ancestor, he was willing to put himself and anyone or everyone in danger, not even caring about helping or saving there lives. He also had not problem above taking credit for other people's work to make himself look heroic, or making questionable decisions like his plan to have all the bells in Trolberg ring permanently.

In the first episode of Season Two, he uses the bells he had to get the trolls angrier. In the second episode, After Hilda had the incident with the Draugen, Erik takes the credit for Hilda's actions and claims he got rid of the ghost ship. He decides to place mechanical bellkeepers in all the bell towers in and around Trolberg, so the bells can ring 24/7.

In the aftermath of the disaster, he orders to have all bells around Trolberg tested, including one that is under water, not having no problem of the Kraken waking up from Cauldron Island. In the 10th episode, he isn’t shown to notice about Gryla the ogre taking the naughty children.

He also had no problem of running away such as retreating after The Kraken took his harpoon. In the 13th episode of the Season Two Finale, he again uses his bells to ring which angered the Trolls.

Even after he was transformed into a bug and turned back into his human form, he still had no problem of taking anyone’s credit, resulting in Gerda escorting Frida and David.


Well, I let you guys choose if he can qualify as unlike his book version counterpart, he has no redeeming qualities.

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