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Hello everyone! So it has been three weeks since the sequel of the Boss Baby has been released, so, I thought I can discuss this.

Are there any candidates from the film

Okay, so, Dr. Erwin Armstrong is the main antagonist of the film, which is a sequel to the 2017 film The Boss Baby.

He is the owner, founder, and principal of the prestigious Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood, a school that secretly teaches babies into acting naughty. He is also the archenemy of Tina and Tabitha Templeton.

The only crimes he did attempting to kill Tim by leaving them to drown in the water, Stop Tabitha and Tina from foiling his plans, and wanted to brainwash parents. Despite this however, he does redeem himself after feeling guilty for abandoning his parents, as he starts to reconcile with them.


Due to him being redeemed, I think we will have to wait until a third film gets a new candidate.