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  • Ismail37000

    Hi, i'm Ismail37000. It's the fourth PE Proposal that i created. It's about Mad Bomber from Spider-Man 3 video game version.

    Luke Carlyle aka Mad Bomber is one of the major antagonists from the 2007 video game, Spider-Man 3. He is the former wealthy CEO of Carlyle Industries, and the leader of the H-Bombers.

    Carlyle built factories which caused mass pollution. After destroying his own building, he was responsible for the destruction of many properties (including the subway and the Mentracore factory) and bombing spree everywhere in New York by hiring a bunch of mercenaries to do so. During the assault at the Mentracore chemical plant, Mad Bomber and his men deliberately leaked chemistry to pollute. Also, Mad Bomber and his henchmen damaged and …

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  • Ismail37000

    Hello, it's Ismail37000. It's the third PE Proposal created by me. This blog is about Dr. Baltazar Czernenko from Crackdown.

    Dr. Baltazar Czernenko is the former member of the Agency, the research director and one of the generals of the Shai-Gen Corporation, and one of the supporting antagonists from Crackdown. He is also the Big Bad since, before joining Shai-Gen, he created the Agents, the protagonists which would put an end to this crime rate.

    Czernenko has created deformed creatures known as freaks. His work focuses on illegal, unethical and unjustified experiments. Also, he killed some people via vivisection, and he was responsible of many innocent people's death at the hands of the super soldiers.

    Czernenko experimented super soldiers use…

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  • Ismail37000

    Hello, everybody. This is my second blog post about PE Proposal. I understood those villains must not only commit heinous acts, but also they must be taken very seriously and absolutely have no positive qualities. This article is about General Diego Almagro from Call of Duty: Ghosts.

    General Diego Almagro was the Venezuelan original leader and possibly the founder of the Federation of the Americas, and the secondary antagonist of Call of Duty: Ghosts. He only appears in the fifth level, Legends Never Die which set twelve years prior to the main events.

    Almagro ordered the Federation to execute or imprison all U.S.-born citizens in the territories conquered by the Federation.

    Almagro had no positive qualities. He was ruthless and cold towards anyo…

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  • Ismail37000

    Hi. This is my first blog about PE Proposal. I added PE category to some villains, only to be deleted. By the way, the article about the Kamikaze from Mass Mayhem series made me quite realize this character is a Pure Evil.

    The Kamikaze is an unnamed destructive and violent terrorist, and the protagonist of Pyrozen online game series, Mass Mayhem.

    Being the playable character, the Kamikaze can commit many murders and destruction: In Mass Mayhem, he slaughtered cows and pigs, and if the Kamikaze bomb is upgraded at level 3, he blew himself up and the huge explosion blew a chunk of Earth surrounding Northern portion of America (excluding Southern part of Florida) and nearby small portion of Atlantic Ocean off atmosphere, killing a bllion people in …

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  • Ismail37000

    This blog is about The Avenger from Dante's Inferno. He must be villainized.

    The Avenger was one of the Muslim Kurdish prisoners whom both Dante Alighieri and Francesco Portinari were tasked with gaoling in Acre. The Avenger was inspired by the Hashashin (assassin) whom the real-life Dante mentioned in the 19th canto of the Divine Comedy named "lo perfido assassin" (the treacherous assassin).

    During jailbreak, The Avenger stabbed Dante in the back, taking his life in the process. In Florence, The Avenger slaughtered a pair of innocents in his path only in the animated film, he broke into Alighiero Alighieri's villa to murder both Alighiero and Beatrice Portinari who is innocent as well. Only in the animated film, while Dante arrived home, he saw th…

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