Dr. Baltazar Czernenko Crackdown

Hello, it's Ismail37000. It's the third PE Proposal created by me. This blog is about Dr. Baltazar Czernenko from Crackdown.

Who is Dr. Baltazar Czernenko

Dr. Baltazar Czernenko is the former member of the Agency, the research director and one of the generals of the Shai-Gen Corporation, and one of the supporting antagonists from Crackdown. He is also the Big Bad since, before joining Shai-Gen, he created the Agents, the protagonists which would put an end to this crime rate.

What has he done?

Czernenko has created deformed creatures known as freaks. His work focuses on illegal, unethical and unjustified experiments. Also, he killed some people via vivisection, and he was responsible of many innocent people's death at the hands of the super soldiers.

What motivates him?

Czernenko experimented super soldiers used to kidnap and murder innocent people. His failed experiments resulted his victims being mutated into freaks.

Redeeming qualities?

Absolutely none. Like most of the members of Shai-Gen, Czernenko was cruel. He was willing to turn to the dark side without any remorse nor empathy. Even though he tried to make perfect experiments, some of those resulted to be turned into freaks.

Final verdict

I think Czernenko should be qualified as Pure Evil. What do you think?

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