Luke Carlyle aka Mad Bomber Spider-Man 3

Hi, i'm Ismail37000. It's the fourth PE Proposal that i created. It's about Mad Bomber from Spider-Man 3 video game version.

Who is Mad Bomber?

Luke Carlyle aka Mad Bomber is one of the major antagonists from the 2007 video game, Spider-Man 3. He is the former wealthy CEO of Carlyle Industries, and the leader of the H-Bombers.

What has he done?

Carlyle built factories which caused mass pollution. After destroying his own building, he was responsible for the destruction of many properties (including the subway and the Mentracore factory) and bombing spree everywhere in New York by hiring a bunch of mercenaries to do so. During the assault at the Mentracore chemical plant, Mad Bomber and his men deliberately leaked chemistry to pollute. Also, Mad Bomber and his henchmen damaged and assaulted the Daily Bugle building to kidnap and attempt to kill J. Jonah Jameson. Shortly after Mad Bomber and a few H-Bombers escaped the helicopter which would crash after being hit by Spider-Man, Mad Bomber killed his henchmen by detonating explosives in their suits as failure.

What motivates him?

The reason Carlyle caused those factories to pollute before they were shut down is unknown. However, because his factories were shut down by the authorities led by Jameson, Carlyle was fully enraged and declared revenge on Jameson.

Redeeming qualities

Completely none. Mad Bomber was nihilistic, destructive, cruel and chaotic. He even anonymously taunted Jameson he will put New York into ashes.

Final verdict

I hope Mad Bomber count. What do you think?

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