This blog is about The Avenger from Dante's Inferno. He must be villainized.

Who is The Avenger?

The Avenger was one of the Muslim Kurdish prisoners whom both Dante Alighieri and Francesco Portinari were tasked with gaoling in Acre. The Avenger was inspired by the Hashashin (assassin) whom the real-life Dante mentioned in the 19th canto of the Divine Comedy named "lo perfido assassin" (the treacherous assassin).

What has he done?

During jailbreak, The Avenger stabbed Dante in the back, taking his life in the process. In Florence, The Avenger slaughtered a pair of innocents in his path only in the animated film, he broke into Alighiero Alighieri's villa to murder both Alighiero and Beatrice Portinari who is innocent as well. Only in the animated film, while Dante arrived home, he saw the aftermath of two other individuals, Alighiero and Beatrice dead.


The Avenger's wife, the Slave Girl, pretending to be her "sister", committed an adultery by having sex and sleeping with Dante, enraging The Avenger. Dante committed a genocide on the "infidels" (prisoners). Despite being a villain, The Avenger just wanted justice.

Final verdict

Come on, killing innocents is bad like The Avenger did. He must be demonized, even though he demands justice.

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