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Lyle Tiberus Rourke

Commander Lyle Rourke

This proposal is about Commander Lyle Rourke from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Who Is He?/What Has He Done?

Commander Rourke is the main antagonist of Altlantis: The Lost Empire. He is a mercenary who initially appeared to be respectable, but then revealed his true colors to Milo Thatch and Kida. He is a tomb-robbing mercenary solely in the Atlantis operation for profit. Near the end of the film and near his death, determined to "lighten the load", Rourke becomes greedy and betrays Helga by throwing her off to the volcano base, saying that it's nothing personal.

Heinous Standard

At first, started out appearing as a respectable, generous and calm leader, seemingly taking extreme notion of the safety of his team during the expedition and mourning over the casualties as the expedition continues. However, this was merely a facade to hide and reveal his true nature: that of a greedy, brutal, loathsome, destructive, callous, merciless and almost crazed person, willing to get anything he wants, as he planned to steal of Heart of Atlantis to sell for a high price, and did not even care if the Atlanteans would die as a result.

Also, he did not even care about either letting his own men being killed or betraying his right-hand woman Helga during the final battle, though this horribly backfired on him. Rourke is also extremely commonsensical, pragmatic and tough, so he makes his own rules. Rourke is also shown to be an authoritative and intelligent pragmatist (both personally and professionally) who tends to take what he needs and discards anything that he considers "useless baggage".

According to Rourke, he is also partially argumentative and has quite a bit of control over his temper, as he tells Milo and congratulates him for setting it off.

Freudian Excuse

Probably none.

Individual Capability

As a military commander, Rourke has a lot of military knowledge. Also, he is shown to be very strong, but also very cunning at the same time, having hidden his true nature from Milo until he finally revealed it to the latter later in the film.

Redeeming Qualities


No Sympathy



He was concerned for little else but himself and the potential profit he could reap from Atlantis, to the point where he tosses Helga off a blimp to her death for a minor benefit to his escape, and was greedy enough in the end to make his entire party turn against him.


He was suggested to me by other uses, and he also appears in both the pages of Disney\Monster in TV Tropes, and the Pure Evil page in the evil wiki. He is evil beyond redemption, and there is nothing that can redeem him.

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