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It's been a while since i made a proposal. So, after i watched the 2000 movie called The Watcher, i'll decided to give it a shot by proposing this cold yet calculating serial killer i've ever seen, called David Griffin. If this proposal yet failed to be in the proposal box, i would go insane if i do.

What's the work?

The Watcher is the 2000 American crime thriller film directed Joe Charbanic and produced by Christopher Eberts, Elliott Lewitt, Jeff Rice, and Clark Peterson. The movie sets in California, where a retired FBI agent was stalked and taunted by a serial killer.

Who is he?

David Griffin, also known as "The Watcher", is the titular main antagonist of the 2000 crime thriller film The Watcher. He is a notorious and calculating serial killer who stalked and taunted a retired FBI agent Joe Campbell.

What he has done?

David Griffin is a notorious and calculating serial killer who only targeted women who's not on relationship. He stalks them until he knows their routine. He would often break into their house and strangled them to death.

He began targetting an FBI agent named Joel Campbell, by choosing his fiance named Lisa Anton as his victim. He broke into her house, tied her up, and set her house on fire. Griffin escaped the house before Campbell arrives. While being chased by Campbell, he got away uncaught. However, Campbell rush back to Lisa's house and failed to save her. Her death caused Campbell to fall into depression and suffered frequent migraine. After he retired from FBI and moved to Chicago, Griffin followed him while Campbell was unaware of it.

Campbell discovered that the women was killed in the apartment and these photos of the victim were taken on the mail were sent here in three days before the murder took place. Campbell eventually deduced to the detectives that Griffin is the killer. Meanwhile, Griffin talked to a woman at the video store and take several pictures of her. Later, Griffin contacted Campbell that he was making a "rapport" about them and revealed that he will sent the photos of the next victim. Griffin also tell Campbell that he will find her safe and sound before 9:00 P.M.

Campbell and the officers were searching the victim, but they were too late to make it in time as Griffin coldly slits her throat at 9:00 P.M. He then meets with another woman who was begging for money and asked her to dance with him. He once again took a picture on her and sent it to Campbell. Despite never meeting him in person, Campbell suspected that he has been watched. The next day, Griffin followed Campbell to the therapy session where he met Dr. Polly Beilman and talked to her. Later that night, Griffin murdered a woman on the parking lot until he was being chased by Campbell and the officers. He hijacked another car and was on the chase until he stopped at a gas station. Griffin ignite the trail of gasoline that caused the gas station and several police cars to be exploded, killing several police officers.

Griffin sent a photo of Lisa Anton to Campbell, which was a sign of telling him to meet him at the cemetery where she was buried. At the cemetery, Campbell finally meet Griffin face-to-face. Griffin told Campbell that he held Dr. Beilman hostage and agreed to take him to see her. While driving, Griffin considers Campbell a "good friend", but was unaware that Campbell secretly used a cellphone to contact Mackie into telling him and the others about the situation. When they got to warehouse, we see Dr. Beilman was tied up before Griffin knocks Campbell out cold. Griffin "thanking" Campbell and forces Dr. Beilman that she needs him, but Campbell told him that their "relationship" is nothing but a part of the job. Enraged, Griffin attempt to strangle Dr. Beilman before Campbell "thanking" him, which was a distraction to stab him in the pen and kicks him to the floor. Ignited at the warehouse, Campbell saved Dr. Beilman. Before Griffin can shoot, Campbell quickly took the shotgun and shoots him. Campbell and Beilman proceed to escape the warehouse before it explodes, with Griffin followed them. The warehouse finally explodes, burning Griffin in whole and jumping into the river where he dies from being burned.

Heinous standard

To be honest, the movie has violence and murder, with some of the scenes were surprisingly dark while some were normal and light. David is the only villain to be appeared in the movie. Being a serial killer, he murdered at least four female victims so far, and was attempted to murder one. Oh, and what surprised the most that he ignites the fire to explode the gas station, which killed several officers. Torturing Campbell while holding Dr. Beilman hostage was pretty cruel and unacceptable. Finally, setting the warehouse on fire is what leads to his death.

Mitigating factors

Well, he absolutely has NONE. His "relationship" towards Campbell was nothing but a mere lust and obsession. In order to kill women, he acts nice and polite towards those. However, he was doing this to manipulate Campbell and the officers just to "play a game" by sending photos of his victim three days before murdering them in cold blood. While driving to a warehouse, he considers Campbell as a "good friend", though he actually seeing him as a tool for his obsession. Not to mention that Campbell "thanking" him was a mere distraction to defeat him, showing that he was truly a MONSTER.

Final verdict

Give it a yes, what else?