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This is a Pure Evil proposal of Gatanozoa.

Who is he?

Gatanozoa, known as Gatanothor, is the final antagonist in Ultraman Tiga. He is a powerful Kaiju who seeks to spreading darkness in the entire world.

What he has done?

After Zoyger's defeat, the darkness had engulfed the entire world and the Dive Hangar. Not only that, the entire army of Zoyger attacked and terrorized the entire world as well. Later, a monster named Gatanozoa, the ruler of darkness, had emerged from the underwater of the Pacific Ocean and confront Ultraman Tiga. During their fight, Tiga was struggled to defeat him. With an encouragement from children, Tiga fights back and shoot both Delacium Light Stream and Zeperion Ray at him. However, it doesn't affect that monster and Tiga ran out of time. As Tiga struggling to fight with him, Gatanozoa had both of his tentacle and pincer grabbed both of Tiga's arms and shoot him that petrified him back into stone. After that, Gatanozoa used his tentacle to pushed the Tiga statue into the underwater to get him out of the way.

Without the hope and light, Gatanozoa remained unstoppable and kept spreading darkness around the world. GUTS had enlisted Masaki Keigo, former host of Evil Tiga, to help them revive Tiga with light. GUTS then prepare to attack Gatanozoa, with Zoiger helped him. When Masaki gave the light to Tiga in order to revive him, Gatanozoa, who hates the light, get rid of it which ruined the plans and wouldn't let Tiga to be revived. However, the hopes of humanity turned into a pure of light to bring Tiga back to life, which turned into Glitter Tiga as a result. Tiga managed to attack the ruler of darkness with Glitter Bomber at first, then Glitter Banish, later Glitter Zeperion Beam, and finally destroyed him once and for all with Timer Flash Special. After his destruction, the darkness faded away and turned everything back to normal. However, Daigo soon lost his ability to transform into Tiga as the Spark Lens disappeared in the form of dust.

Heinous standard

Unlike the other monsters from Ultraman Tiga who only cause destruction and terrorism, Gatanozoa did stands out amongst of them due to his desire to spread the darkness around the world. He sent out an army of Zoyger to cause destruction to the entire city and also the entire world. When he was confronted by Tiga, he definetely crosses it by petrified Tiga back into stone to get him out of his way. Finally, he was able to be destroyed by Tiga with a Glitter form.

Mitigating factors

Gatanozoa has 0% of mitigating factor. It is unknown what his relationship with his servants Zoyger and Gijera would be, but it is implied that he only used them as a mere disposable pawns for his plans. He even showed no mercy to Ultraman Tiga when he petrified him back into stone to get him out of his way. Gatanozoa is nothing but a vile and sadistic monster who only plunge the darkness to the entire world.

Final verdict

Go with yes.