Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer.

Jeff the Killer is a titular protagonist of the Creepypasta story of the same name. He is first seen in 2008 when the video was uploaded by YouTuber username Sesseur.

What did he do?

Jeff was appeared as a normal teenager who live with his parents and one younger brother.

When he has grown up and his family moved to neighborhood after his father got a promotion, Jeff and Liu had a good time in here.

One day, Jeff and Liu are walking to school, but three bullies named Randy, Troy and Keith tries to attacked them. Jeff was caught injuring the bullies in the middle of the fight, causing Jeff and Liu run away.

The next morning, the policeman arrive at Jeff's house and asked Jeff's parents about the crime Jeff and Liu did. After Jeff tried to explain to the police, he was about to admit that he is the one who injured them until Liu takes the blame on the police as a sacrifice to save his brother, causing Jeff to grow depression.

After 2 days, Jeff become depressed about his brother's arrest and guilt over his crime until his mother invited him to a neighbors birthday party as she believes it will make him happy on Saturday morning. But the three bullies finally found Jeff and attacked him to get revenge on him. After a fight, one of the bullies poured a bleach on him and burned his face.

Later Jeff was sent to the hospital and Liu is being released from jail. After the bandage was opened, his face is deformed and his skin color was changed into white. Jeff started to love his looks, much to his family's creep.

Later that night, he murdered his parents and threatened Liu while he was asleep. Jeff told Liu to "go to sleep".

What do you think?

I think i should say "Yes". He is one of my favorite Creepypasta characters.

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