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This is a proposal of Lucifer from Saint Seiya.

What's the work?

Saint Seiya (聖闘士星矢 Seinto Seiya) is a Japanese action fantasy manga series written by Masami Kurumada that is serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1986 to 1990. The story involves the five mystical warriors who were called "Saints" and wore a sacred armor to fight called "Cloth", that is based on the constellation. Every Saint has their own special powers called "Cosmo". They are sworn to protect Athena's reincarnation Saori Kido and battled against the Olympian gods who want to conquer the world.

Saint Seiya: Warriors of the Final Holy Battle (聖闘士星矢 最終聖戦の戦士たち Seinto Seiya: Saishū Seisen no Senshitachi) is the fourth movie of Saint Seiya film series that is released on March 18, 1989. The movie involves Lucifer, along with his Fallen Angels who defeated the Gold Saints, making a deal with Athena to surrender her life if the world want to be saved. It's up to Seiya and co. to save Saori before it's too late.

Who is he?

Lucifer (ルシファー Rushifā) is the main antagonist of Saint Seiya: Warriors of the Final Holy Battle. He is a fallen angel who is banished to hell for his actions. Years later, he escaped from his imprisonment and returned to Earth to take over the world, only to be destroyed by Pegasus Seiya.

He was voiced by Masane Tsukayama.

What he has done?

Lucifer is a notorious angel who is a son of a deity who is banished to hell for his actions. When the world was under the protection of gods and peace will spread all over the world, Lucifer is aspired to become above of the gods, which caused the gods to punish him and was banished to hell for his actions. Despite this, he never give up on his ambition of searching for power. After a long time, he returned as an angel in disguise on Earth. However, he was foiled by the archangel Michael, goddess Athena, and the sun goddess Deva Marici.

Sometime later, he revived Abel, Eris, and Poseidon and agreed to help them in their conquest, but in exchange for their promises of the domation of the entire world and the life of Athena. He sending his four Fallen Angels to defeat the Gold Saints and later went to the Sanctuary to confront the statue of Athena. When the statue began to cry, he decapitated the statue in process and unleash a huge power to create a temple called Palace of Intrigue from far away.

He later causing a disaster around the world. When Saori, Seiya, Hyoga, and Shun witnessed the destruction of the statue, they are encountered by Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. Lucifer make a deal with Saori to surrender her life if the world want to be saved, Seiya, Hyoga, and Shun tried to stop her but was prevented by the Fallen Angels from intervening their deal. Later, Lucifer and the Fallen Angels leave the Sanctuary.

Unfortunately, Athena accept the deal and went to Lucifer's palace. He then tortured her with his forces of energy. Seiya and his friends went to his palace to save Saori, but they were encountered by the Fallen Angels. While the others went to deal with the Fallen Angels, Seiya went off alone to save Saori. Seiya tried to stop her, but was attacked by Beelzebub by preventing him from interfering with their deal. As Saori already climb to his throne, Lucifer tortured her again with brambles and make her bleeding. When Seiya was attacked, Ikki tried to save Saori but Lucifer shoots him with his finger. After he send Abel, Eris, and Poseidon to attack the Earth, Saori tried to stand up to him but to no avail. After Seiya gained a Gold Sagittarius Cloth and successfully defeated Beelzebub, he tried to shoot Lucifer, but he threatened to kill Saori by using her as a shield if he does. Unable to do this, Seiya got enough power from the Gold Saints and shoots a powerful arrow to destroy Lucifer once and for all, sending the souls of the three villains back to the Underworld. His death also causing the temple to be collapsed and revived the Gold Saints that the Fallen Angels have killed.

Heinous standard

Saint Seiya is known for a light-hearted show, but some villains can be surprisingly dark when it comes to changing the tone of the story. Unlike the other villains in the series, Lucifer is far more heinous and doesn't have redeeming qualities yet.

Due to his wish of being above all of the gods, he was banished to hell and later set off for his quest to world domination. Lucifer sent his minions to attack the Gold Saints, vandalizing the statue by decapitating the head, and causing mass destruction including sending the souls of the three villains into causing a huge disaster around the world. He even threatened Athena by making a deal with her of surrendering her life if the world want to be saved from the three villains, which he later tortured her by getting her ensnared with brambles into making her bleeding. When she refused, he does allowed the three villains to do so.

Mitigating factors

Lucifer is nothing but a heartless and irredeemable psychopath who looks down on Gods and considered himself above them, which is why he was banished to hell in the first place. He also sees Abel, Eric, and Poseidon as a pawn for his plans for world domination. He shows his deep hatred of Athena because of his past experience of being defeated by her and the other gods. He is shown to be a sadistic individual as he always having pleasure of torturing his enemies slowly rather than killing them quickly, including Athena. It is possible that his and Athena's deal are false, as shown when he allowed the three villains into causing rampage on the entire world when she refused to comply.

Final verdict

After i've watching the movie, i find this fallen angel to be very heinous in my opinion. Therefore, i'll give him a big YES in my book.