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Jesus. You mean to tell me Skrael's sadistic spirit dwells into this heartless b*tch as his reincarnation?

You all thought Lord Mictlan was the only candidate discussed for the newly built series of Maya and the Three. Apparently I search up a certain goddess that is revealed to be the most sadistic and heartless out of all the gods and goddesses from the Underworld, if not, the only one to stand amongst them for her cruelty. (Note: I was originally going to post this alongside Mictlan's proposal. Sadly, I forgot to make her page in time. Sad lmao ;w; right?).

On the plus side, she got the longtime partner of Bellroc, Skrael, rolling in his hell-burning grave. The freezing wind himself maybe the same sadistic deity as her, but if they ever met in real life, Skrael would just b*tch slap her simply because she was his so-called "reincarnation" and big disappointment that got Bellroc giggling for sh*ts. Heck, as much as I detest Bellroc and Skrael for various reasons, at least Mictlan was worth being a bit intriguing to my viewing despite being a complete a**hole, whereas this goddess here is just a plain out Big Bad Wannabe whose highly petty to those regards.

So to get on with the point, I present you all Skrael's "reincarnation", Xtabay.

What's the Work?

Maya and the Three is an 2021 Mexican animated fantasy miniseries that streamed on Netflix and was directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez, in which the animated series was developed by Tangent Animation.

The whole story and the events take place within Mesoamerica. Within her fifteenth birthday, a warrior princess named Maya has been set off on a journey to fulfill a prophecy due to a long lost ordeal from the gods of the Underworld and if she refuses, then everything changes with the world beginning to end first. Maya now has to protect and save humanity with the help from three different allies in order to defeat the gods, one of them being Mictlan.

Who is She? What has She Done?

Xtabay, or also known as the Goddess of Illusions, is a major antagonist of the 2021 Netflix fantasy animated miniseries, Maya and the Three. She is the utmost sadistic goddess out of the Underworld's gods and goddesses alike and the archenemy of Picchu for massacring his village and killing his parents.

There isn't much to Xtabay's history except having to be one of the guests in Mictlan and Micte's wedding. However, she first made her appearance when she and her army of soldiers from the Underworld attacked a village belonging of the Golden Mountain Barbarians. Piccu, a fellow warrior and the strongest to the barbarians, was taking out of Xtabay's soldiers before the Goddess of Illusions herself shows up to fight Picchu in their showdown. Just as Picchu got the upper hand onto striking her down, he stops upon seeing her face as the Goddess begs Picchu to spare her.

As promised, Picchu drops his axe and demands her to never come back, leaving her to run away humiliated. On the night the Barbarians celebrated their victory, Xtabay knocks out Picchu by taking advantage over him using her illusions. With him out of the picture, she led her new batch of troops into massacring the entire village as a way of "repaying" his mercy, or in other words; payback for her humiliating defeat.

Picchu would wake up, seeing the many axes belonging to his comrades, as well as his parents', before Xtabay confronted him. She then recites the story of "The Scorpion and the Frog" as she taunts over his loss. After the story, she would mock him that sparing her was his weakness and the catalyst to his people's demise, even stating that Picchu does not deserve a warrior's death and lets him live to make him think that he "cursed" his family and people alike.

She would leave alongside her soldiers as they Picchu left for dead to be in his despair, leaving him to mourn his parents and the people of his village. Ever since that day, he spent his days training within the Cliffs of Regret, but he began suffering from traumatic visions of Xtabay's torment until Maya and her companions helped him.

After all four warriors gathered alongside the attack of Teca, Xtabay and her comrades (Chivo, Bone and Skull, and Vucub) would confront them to claim Maya from them. Just then, the heroes would fight against Xtabay and her allies before the Goddess of Illusion herself takes on Picchu. She decided to taunt Picchu once she transforms into her human disguise, revealing to be the one who led his village's massacre. Xtabay would then show Picchu illusions of his past memories, to that being the massacres and his parents' deaths. This would continue making him believe that his mercy to her was his fault as he begins to drown in his despair using the imagery of his parents' faces.

On the very memory where Picchu spared Xtabay, she would laugh into knowing what happened. Pichu, at first aims for the hit, but stops at the very moment he tried to strike, much to Xtabay's surprise. She would then force him to aim the kill but Picchu refuses when he stated that mercy was never a mistake. She counters with stating that he'll die just like his family until Maya and Chimi arrived to assist Picchu into fighting Xtabay. However, she ends up enraged as she evades her illusions surrounding herself and the three.

Afterwards with Xtabay regrouping with Chivo and the rest to fight against the heroes, they all began clashing with one another during the battle. Xtabay took on Picchu once more taking form of the latter while the others fought against their respective opponents, but this became unfortunate for her when Picchu had the advantage to single-handedly overwhelm the Goddess and defeat her. Just when she got back up, she witnessed Maya killing Skull right in front of Bone as Chivo states the reason why Mictlan is afraid of her to which Skull promises to avenge her before leaving alongside Chivo, Vucub, and Xtabay who sadistically laughed about it.

She's later seen in the template, where she was entertaining Mictlan and the remaining members by mockingly acting as one of Maya's brothers during the moment before death, then to Acat when she begged Mictlan to spare her. Unfortunately, the fun ended when Zatz brought in Maya and her comrades after entering the Divine Gate. She would be seen witnessing the ongoing situation alongside the other deities and onward to Mictlan brainwashing Rico, Chimi, and Picchu into fighting Maya, she was laughing sadistically alongside her remaining comrades as they watched.

She would then ask Chivo if they should assist Mictlan in battle with the four warriors, only to have Chivo dismiss the thought of doing so for her as he thinks Mictlan won't lose. Just when Mictlan prepares to kill and sacrifice Maya, she and the remaining members in the temple laughed at the thought of Maya's death before he was impaled by Chimi. Chivo would state to Xtabay that this would happen according to himself via prediction.

Just after Mictlan is thrown out of the temple, Xtabay and the rest would corner the four warriors for a fight before escaping. She was later seen attacking them alongside Chivo and the others hunting them down before cornering them near the exit to the Divine Gate, as she and the others were glade with Mictlan gone and ready to sacrifice them. Unfortunately for them, an giant owl (revealed to be Lady Micte) came to their rescue just when they were about to escape until they were take hold in the process as Xtabay and her allies continue attacking.

As a result, this led to Picchu making the decision to sacrifice himself for them to escape. Afterwards, she and the rest were surprised with Mictlan surviving before Xtabay ends up killing Pichu in one go alongside the latter and her comrades shortly. She's later seen arriving with Mictlan and her allies using the Divine Gate as they confront Maya and her Teca army, not before reinforcements from the three kingdoms arrive to assist them in the final battle.

When Mictlan gave his minions command to attack the reinforced armies, Xtabay is seen fighting against the Jungle Kingdom's army and the Widow Queen. She tries to fake her pleading before the Queen didn't fall for it as she orders her soldiers to increase the aiming numbers, only for Xtabay to unleash her illusions to transform herself into the cruel king of their kingdom. She attempted to plead the Widow Queen to join Mictlan, only for her to know she is nothing like him as she has the soldiers fire before the latter attacked at full speed. Then at some point, she's seen laughing as Mictlan fully summoned an entire army of soldiers and different golems, only to prove superiority in terms of strengths.

During her last moments in battle, she was summoned before Mictlan by Chivo but in return was killed with her heart ripped as she effortlessly tries to attack him to no avail. Regardless, she deservingly perishes a fatal death for all the horrible things she did to Picchu and his clan.

Heinous Standards

We can make it clear to not underestimate the standards within Maya and the Three and given the measurement to it can be well balanced but also high in terms to Mictlan's actions. It should be worth noting that not most of the villains did rather serious crimes but just attack and retrieve Maya, that example goes to Acat and Chivo.

Before we got to her, we should examine the least two who managed to pass (though likely the second pass generally but not near in-story). Let's begin with Mictlan, or not... Oh come on people, we all know what he had done: killing most of the major characters, our main protagonist when she sacrificed herself indirectly, eaten the hearts of the gods and goddesses he killed to become all powerful, and attempted omnicide through ravaging the world. It should say something to his personal villainy amongst the protagonist till the end and has bigger resources in doing so, not to mention he sets the standards. Oh right, killing his own wife and mutilating out Zatz's right eye as a infant, yeah this guy's truly despicable.

The King of the Jungle Lands, the late father of the Widow Queen, has ordered a mass arson that destroyed Chimi's home in the forest. This act also resulted in killing the very animals that raised her from their pack and it gets worse knowing the animals were sapient, but this only furthered Chimi's hatred and distrust to humanity as the very result. The King may have very low resources compared to Mictlan and even Xtabay since he was just a mere monarch, but I question if this helps him stand out? I'm afraid not since the impact he had to Chimi vanquishes when she begins to trust Maya and the others. Though I still like to reconsider if it seems convincing since his crimes seemed a bit unique...

We then ultimately go to Xtabay and her own fair share of crimes. While Mictlan has his own bigger bodycount and a big measurement to personal villainy, the same can apply for Xtabay since she was responsible for massacring the very village that was the home of Picchu and to go as far into killing his parents after knocking him out. To make the matters even worse, aside from being highly personal to Picchu where he suffers from PTSD thanks to her. Might I add the fact that she also isn't one to mind rape him through her illusions to repetitively have Picchu think his "mercy" was the result of his people's deaths, not to mention she had spared him just to let him suffer. She also gleefully participated in the attempt of genocide against all four kingdoms that gathered to defeat Mictlan without hesitation.

Even though she isn't as powerful as Mictlan, her own resources of being the Goddess of Illusions points her to be less powerful than to compete with Mictlan. Not to mention her crimes of mind rape towards Picchu and having to kill his family and his people is greatly unique in general for her. Out of all the gods and goddesses who are standard in terms of their actions, Xtabay manages to be the only one to stand out and is far more worse than them thanks to her own set of resources that shouldn't be much of a comparison for Mictlan, alongside her actions having a personal effect on one of the main charaters aside from Maya.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention she impersonated some of Mictlan's victims just to mockingly represent them for the crowd and Mictlan himself. That sure was a d*ck move and yes, she's pretty evil for that... not to mention it's kinda messed up that she portrayed herself as dead victims for laughs and sh*t.

Mitigating Factors

There is some importance to carefully analyze the tricky parts of Xtabay's behavior and to know if she does have actual redeeming qualities or not. In which from what I could remember, there has been some facts to take note out of.

The first thing to know is that for being the Goddess of Illusions, nothing explicitly states of Xtabay knowing only wrong than right and never got to the full extent of her backstory so far (unlike Mictlan's case to his origins of being human). However, its made clear Xtabay shows enough personality onscreen as she is intelligent enough to knockout and play with Picchu's mind and how she cowardly begged him for mercy, though would be a facade at best before hand. To further this, we should take note that the gods and goddesses from the Underworld, despite their attributed entitlements, are capable of doing good and we already saw the fact that Cipactil and Vucub are capable of having honorable and benevolent traits. Meaningly, she has full Moral Agency on the go.

Second, she doesn't seem to care much about her comrades, especially the time she teamed up with Chivo, Vucub, Bone and Skull into fighting Maya and her comrades. However, when she saw Maya managing to kill Skull, she expressed shock from this. But not because of Skull's death, but the possibility of Maya being capable of killing a god. To which is also to demonstrate her lack of concern and laughed sadistically of Bone's claim to avenge Skull (though more likely directed on Skull's death) proves that she cares for no one but herself.

Third, she has some disloyalty when serving Mictlan and is willing to betray him without the latter knowing behind his back, same applies to her allies. Although she did question to Chivo if they should help Mictlan in his fight with Maya and her companions, it was not under genuine concern of loyalty but rather a consideration for Chivo to answer for her. Plus, we can't see her expression while asking him about it due to her mask hiding her face, so this is considered to be debatable. However, when Mictlan fell off the temple, she didn't express the same "concern", instead chose to attack Maya and their allies out of spite to sacrifice them, proving her disloyalty towards Mictlan alongside the others. By the end of the day, she tried to attack him for ripping her heart out and this only further proven her disloyalty.

Then we go to the time we see her during a flashback of Mictlan and Micte's wedding as she was seen being one of the bride's maidens (in other words, a matron of honor). This could indicate that Xtabay was a friend to Micte, but we never go to the full extent to their relationship explicitly and it's left unclear if Xtabay was a friend to her or not. Given this was a flashback, I don't think this scene is suppose to make this "supposed" redeeming quality genuine as we never saw them interact onscreen. Also, she is really a friend of Micte's if she's willing to betray her husband (although he doesn't nearly love her before subverting it) and trying to kill her own human daughter Maya in the process?

Then again, we do get to see her react from Mictlan's disbelief of Micte betraying her. But for sole reminder, she still didn't do anything to have any statements in this and her looking back with Chivo could mean she was just surprised and confused at Mictlan showing his love for her. Therefore this mitigation is more of being highly invalid and a bit debating, but regardless, there has been no indicated connection between them at all. Plus, even if she did attend Micte's wedding, can we really consider this to be a genuine redeeming quality when she attempted to kill Maya (who was Micte's daughter) and sacrifice her? I can tell she knows that fact given Micte represent Maya to Mictlan when she was just born as she and the other deities were present at that time, if I remember correctly.

Overall to the point, Xtabay's just as more of a sadistic b*tch for a goddess who could care less but to have other people suffer from her actions and is highly disloyal, even to her own master.

Final Verdict

She's just your average B*tch in Sheep's Clothing, plus Cipatcil did way better than her (Sorry, my Waifu habits are itching up). Anyways, she's a easy yes for standing out amongst the horrible Mictlan due to having less resources and personal measurements towards Picchu.

Also, I somehow received a phone call out of nowhere? Oh right, Skrael called, he says he wants a different reincarnation than her. Presumably because Xtabay so does not bring his vibes and he might be jealous of Bellroc having a way more badass reincarnation than him lmao. But for reals, the Wind himself is seriously rolling in his grave.