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Jorgensen sipping from his glass

"He'll sacrifice anyone to make a profit". Incredibly accurate depiction of Greed at its absolute worst.

Huxley: What you know about Lars Jorgensen?
Abby: I know he has a hell of a lot of stolen art.
Huxley: He's done a lot worse than that. He started as a banker who was legit but he began putting his money onto terror groups. Bankrolling attacks around the world and shortening irrelevant stocks to making a fortune. He doesn't care how many people die, just how much ends up on his bank account. Remember the New Zealand plane that went down? 183 people dead, airline stock plummeted, just like those poor souls, and guess who made a fortune shorting that stock?
~ Huxley may be a tightass jerk but he wasn't wrong about just how incredibly ruthless and apathetic Lars Jorgensen can be and how he perfectly embodies the worst aspects of Greed.

It has been over nearly a month since the new release of, yet again, another Kevin Hart movie. However, this one turned out to be a lot more different than most of the good ol' funny man's movies and this wouldn't exactly be the first time he's done this. Take Fatherhood for example, that sh-t was superb emotional and realistic, huge recommendation btw.

So this particular film is one of them heist ones and a number of people weren't a tad happy about the whole premise, gonna have to disagree with them. Sure, not much of a strong story but at least it knows when the tone becomes appropriately serious and the pace starts on getting to the point. Kevin Hart was really at his finest in this film and a lot of us tend to take his acting for granted, especially when he's not in some sort of comedic schtick. But for me, this film turned out decently good, ngl. Then again, by serious I mean they even managed to give us a game-changing villain that normally didn't suit the kind of film Hart had rolled in.

Now let's head on over and discuss Lars Jorgensen.

What's the Work?[]

Lift is the 2024 American comedy and action heist film directed by F. Gary Gray, and as you guessed, stars one of America's favorite comedian actors, Kevin Hart. Though best known for starring in various buddy comedy films with action genres like Rush Hour and Ride Along, this particular film hits differently, no sh-t.

Cyrus Whitaker, a brilliant and conniving master thief, along with his crew had once again pulled off on making the very first heist of stealing an NFT (Seriously, why? NFTs are f-cking worthless imo and I still never understood them to this day). However, one of their crew members gets caught and has to make a deal with Interpol on a mission to steal a wide arrangement of golden bars from a dangerous and reviled terrorist. Ten days from now, Cyrus and his crew, alongside his former boo' thang, Abby Gladwell, have to come up with a brilliant plan to steal the amount of gold before it arrives at the mastermind behind a series of attacks.

Who is He? What has He Done?[]

Lars Jorgensen is a wealthy bankroller and well-renowned art collector who is revealed to be a mastermind behind funding as many terrorist attacks across the globe left and right for the sake of plummeting through many stock markets, specifically, for beneficial compensation.

Once started out as a normal bankroller, it wouldn't be long for Lars to switch careers and begin using his funds to support and orchestrate numerous terrorist attacks across the world. Countless people were killed by the terrorists he hired by being burnt alive, shot while masked, and at best, from numerous riots and mass destruction, all for the sake of taking advantage of the stock that plummeted thanks to his works. According to Huxley, a prominent example of his attacks involved crashing a New Zealand plane that carried 183 innocent people on board and making financial compensation from their deaths. Recently, Lars planned between causing massive global flooding and taking hold of water supplies via manipulating utilities, dams, and water grids across the world, these possibilities could result in flooding an entire city and commencing mass drought in an entire country. To do just that, Lars hired Leviathan, a cyberterrorist group full of brilliant hackers, to do the deed.

Unfortunately, a former associate of his, Arthur Tigue, sold out only half of his plans but closely and has him captured by his right hand, Cormac. As punishment for selling him out, Lars has Arthur brutally maimed alive by Cormac's dog and it was confirmed by Huxley that Arthur's body parts washed up on the Irish Coast after being maimed inside six grocery bags, because of the sellout, Lars had to improvise moving the gold delivery as Leviathan's payment from 10 days as of now. Wanting proof of their hacking capabilities, Lars tasked Leviathan with manipulating the main water grid in Madrid, Spain, resulting in flooding streets, subways, and even homes all across the town, followed by 13 confirmed dead with the death toll numbers expected to have risen higher. Civilians can be seen struggling to survive, climbing on top of roofs, and being brought to safety but with little to no avail.

He would later task Cormac and a few of his men to keep guard over the gold's transfer from Zurich to Tuscany, unbeknownst that Cyrus Whitaker and his crew were there to steal the gold in no time and secretly have it replaced with gold-colored iron bars to fool Huxley (near the end of the film, that is). However, caught red-handed, Lars gets a call from Cormac regarding the matter and decides that Cyrus and his crew have potential use for his end, ordering to have them brought to him and continue with the delivery, still a fake at that time. He later gets a visit from Leviathan, a female leader and her co-workers, regarding the delivery, and in no time short, Cyrus and his crew after outmaneuvering Cormac and his lackey end up crashing into Lars' property.

Holding them at gunpoint in the absence of his right-hand man, Lars then shoots and kills Leviathan's leader for backing out and refusing his deal after realizing one of them is Interpol. He attempts to shoot Cyrus when he claims to be an Interpol agent named Gladwell, though it bought time for the police to come by with Abby confirmed to be 'Agent Gladwell' to seize his arrest. Due to his wealthy status, Lars tries to interpret himself as a victim defending his property, trying to make the police go against them until Cyrus, thanks to using the NFT's cameras connected to the plane's LED screen (Fine. I'll admit that maybe NFTs are useful for something after all.), exposes him killing the Leviathan leader. As a result, his bankrolling terrorism has come to a karmic end.

Heinous Standards[]

He sets the heinous standards. Most of the baddies are normally grunts of his own under his thumb while Leviathan holds no water of their own volition than just under orders of Lars', so nobody but him gets a say in this. As a wealthy bankroller, he has bigger resources considering the amount of bank accounts kept in numerous countries, and makes good use of them by financing terrorists into doing his dirty work. The bigger question is whether or not he has the action movie baseline requirements.

Jorgensens track history

This man truly had a spending problem with all these attacks, just to get even bigger compensation.

Damn straight, he does. Lars has a massive reputation for orchestrating terrorist attacks that resulted in countless people killed and plummeting stock markets just to make how much dough he has in his bank accounts, including an airplane incident with over 183 passengers killed. Of course, one can argue that, while confirmed, relies on offscreen villainy at heart but that's the thing, we were able to see glimpses of how these attacks were arranged; most of them involved ongoing riots with following destruction, burning people alive, and shooting face-covered civilians from what was gathered. It also wouldn't be Fridge Horror considering how these glimpses demonstrate how these past attacks happened and if we take into consideration of his numerous bank accounts, it raises flags on his kill count, as well as the entire stock plummeting.

Flooding of Madrid

Complete endangerment over a capital that sees millions at risk, the death toll is expecting more than it could offer from that man.

Even without that, his later actions are given more weight and make up for it, which would be causing global-level flooding via manipulating dams, utilities, and water grids, risking the endangerment of millions of innocent lives, if not, tens more on the way. The possibilities are clear enough to both Cyrus and Abby that it'll continue onward for ten days as of now whether it involves flooding an entire city or causing a mass drought that'll dry up an entire country. Madrid was made an example, confirming 13 deaths with the death toll expected to arise considering civilians were trying to survive the flood while some were doomed, if one could get a close look in one of the news streams, a child was present there as well. It even goes out to say Lars isn't afraid to get children involved. For a sole emphasis on research, Madrid is a capital that has over a 3.2 million population and this alone drives the point that Lars endangering lives indeed has weight.

In addition to his rapsheet having mass endangerment and attempted populicide, he also had a former associate of his, Arthur Tigue, maimed alive by Cormac's dog and placed his remains in grocery bags (offscreen, sure. confirmation? just be glad we're spared the onscreen graphic brutality), and killed the female leader of Leviathan in front of Cyrus and his crew for backing down on his deal. So with endangering millions, staging terrorist attacks, brutally killing a former associate, and an additional kill of another refusing to complete his deal, yeah, Lars Jorgensen does enough to skyrocket from the baseline.

Mitigating Factors[]

Cyrus Whitaker said it best that Lars Jorgensen will sacrifice anyone just to make profitable compensation, even if it takes millions at risk, followed by Huxley saying for a fact that he only cares about how much he'll make bank from his attacks. To emphasize this, the narrative makes it clear that Lars holds zero care for anybody but himself and his greedy ordeal.

He holds no care for his minions and this is best demonstrated by what he did to Arthur Tigue for selling him out, including the Leviathan leader for backing off their deal just to escape Interpol's jurisdiction against them. Although he seems a bit concerned over Cormac's absence, he dismisses it when finding Cyrus and his crew at his property, and if we take into consideration of Cormac's statement of Lars "being proud" over the gold being nearly stolen suggests things will get ugly to the point what the latter would do to his right-hand is something similar with what happened with Tigue. Yes, Lars happens to have a pet dog present in the later scenes, however, there's no hint or last-minute screenshot to provide context or emphasis to confirm if he cared for the dog. For all we know, he might've had that dog around as an accessory and doesn't seem to pay much affection for it.

While stating that "[he] can help" Cyrus and his crew make a "name" for themselves by serving under him, if we consider the context of how he treats and punishes his subordinates, Lars would likely have the courtesy of using Cyrus and company as another set of pawns at his disposal, so it's kinda hard to swipe it off as somewhat of a "Pet the Dog" moment. Sure, the film is a Kevin Hart genre one with lighthearted buddy-comedy stuff, however, compared to the usual tones in Rush Hour and Ride Along, Lars' presence for every scene he's in immediately goes a heavy kind of dark, especially the scene where he has Tigue maimed alive (again, thankfully offscreen before it happened). Therefore, the film makes it clear that he's a dangerous threat to be taken seriously given how Cyrus and the others were genuinely appalled by his global-flooding plan.

That said, Lars is impressively a game changer throughout Kevin Hart's career in filmography and a greedy, unempathetic bastard with incredibly vicious intent.

Final Verdict[]

Would it shock you that Kevin Hart in this film played an MB? Yeah, huge recall on the day Kevin James himself played a PE version of Paul Blart. Either way, Jorgensen here is pretty much a solidified yes in my book.