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Morgan Treeman, the man who burned down a building, started a smuggling ring, and sabotaged both interpol and California's legal system.

Don't let his hubjection's fool you, he destroys countries and kills a bunch of people. He's also rude

Yay, I finally got whitelisted. To celebrate, I'm going to propose one of the most evil ace attorney characters in the entire series.

What's the work?

Miles Edgeworth investigations is a spinoff of the Ace Attorney games. It follows Miles Edgeworth as he comes to grips with the path in life he wishes to take, solving cases along the way. It's pretty much like the main games in the series, but not inside courtrooms and more based on the investigation sections.

Who is he and what has he done?

Quercus Alba was a war hero who helped unify two countries, becoming so renowned that he was made an ambassador. His intelligence and bravery was admirable, and he was respected for his dilligence. Then he founded a smuggling ring.

Alba printed counterfeit currency and created forgeries, crippling the economy of his home country, adding hardship to a country already suffering from diplomatic unrest. To continue his smuggling ring, he made sure to do anything to get rid of anyone who could potentially stand in his way.

Cece Yew was a woman working with law enforcement who was onto the ring. Alba had one of his assassins (Manny Coachen, his right hand) murder the woman. He then had a woman who would later be known as Calisto Yew infiltrate the yatagarasu, a vigilante group looking to bring him to justice. Calisto Yew would proceed to murder several people (Mack Rell, and Bryne Faraday) and have a man murdered (Deid Mann.) Impressed with Calisto's skill at assassinations, he promoted her to his right hand once she escaped custody.

Using her as a spy, he had her infiltrate Interpol, reporting on their every move. While Calisto formed a bond with Shi-Long Lang and would sometimes help him solve cases (while backstabbing him to her boss,) Alba used this knowledge to weaken police investigations and continue draining the money of the country he was enlisted to represent.

He then had Jacques Portsman become a prosecutor and purposelfully botch cases to get his conspirators acquitted, letting many dangerous criminals walk free.

In the present day, Alba was upholding his facade by hosting a steel samurai play while making his biggest plans yet: to sabotage the reunification of his diplomatically torn country in order to make it easier for his smuggling ring to continue. He concocted an elaborate scheme by replacing an important statue with a forgery to sabotage the ceremony, and had Calisto set a fire to the embassy as he murdered his right hand (who was trying to usurp the smuggling ring) as well as a thief who had entered his office.

He presented himself as a feeble old man to Miles Edgeworth until suspicion dawned on him. Revealing the heartless man he really was, Alba fought against Miles Edgeworth, desperately attempting to evade blame for his actions. After a lengthy and difficult fight, he was cornered and arrested, never to see the light of day ever again.

While he was once a hero, he had devolved into a heartless and greedy man, murdering many people and abusing his power so severely that he was able to inflict serious harm onto his country who trusted him completely. He's responsible for many of the game's events and has enabled his subordinates to kill countless people.

Heinous standard

Ace Attorney has an incredibly high heinous standard, but Alba passes it with flying colors. He cripples his country's economy, kills a large amount of people, and tries to sabotage the reunification of his struggling country. Garan does more than him, but she's a queen.

Freudian excuses?

None. There's a few things that may seem like them, so I'll explain why they don't count.

  • He is not a good boss. He wants his employees protected so that they don't draw the attention of interpol and will kill them if they turn on him. He's clever enough to know when people are worth more alive than dead, yet he sees his fellow smugglers as pawns to expend whenever he pleases.
  • While he has sympathy for Wendy Oldbag's back problems, it's only because he has the exact same pain, so it's almost certain that he's feeling sorry for himself.


He's an absolute monster who kills many people and causes his own country to fall apart to make a quick buck. I'd say he's an easy yes.