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Alright, I finally watched the newest episode (a holiday special, that is) of the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In case you're wondering, Madame Satan doesn't really do anything in this special, but she still doesn't show any remorse for her actions from season 1, so we're keeping her. The villain being discussed is Bartel.

Characters' Traits

While Bartel seems to have a flat character, it's pretty clear he does what he does out of sadism, so he fits this criteria.

Heinous Standard

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a pretty dark show filled with Satanism, murders, sacrifices, and so on. However, Bartel's body count makes him stand out and breach the heinous standards. So yeah, he fits this criteria, too.

Moral Event Horizon

Bartel dresses up as Santa in order to lure children. Afterwards, he would kidnap them, dip them in wax, and turn them into conscious dolls. He's done this to around twenty or thirty kids, so he probably has the highest body count in the entire series, even higher than Madame Satan's (Madame Satan still counts, as she's heinous enough in her own way). Bartel then kidnaps Susie and attempts to do the same to her.

Individual Capability

Bartel is a demon, so obviously, he has demonic abilities. Since he goes around turning kids into conscious dolls, I'd say he does enough with his resources.

Moral Agency

While Bartel is a demon, he relishes in luring and butchering kids, so at the end of the day, it's pretty clear that he has a moral agency and knows what he's doing.

Only Individuals

Bartel is not a group, so check.

N Redeeming Qualities

Nope; Bartel doesn't seem to genuinely care about anyone, and he shows no remorse over his actions. And no, he shows no love or sympathy.

No Sympathy

Like I said, Bartel is a completely unsympathetic character.

Screen Time

Bartel kidnapped Susie and attempted to turn her into a living doll onscreen, and as for his other victims, they are all shown onscreen in their doll-forms, and Bartel has a clear pattern. So yes, he fits this criteria.


Madame Satan is the only villain who provides competition for Bartel. Ultimately, while MS committed several murders along with supernatural crimes, Bartel has a higher body count, so I'd say he's one of the worst.

Story Type



"Yes" to Bartel.

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