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Stuart is the primary villain of Die Hard 2: Die Harder. He was formerly as Senior US military colonel, but decided to betray his country and break General Ramon Esperanza out of custody.


Comparing Stuart to Hans Gruber, Stuart is worse. Hans Gruber ultimately killed four people; Ellis, Joseph Takagi, and two police officers in a helicopter. Indeed, he intended to blow the hostages up in one explosion on the roof of the Nakatomi Plaza, but he was unsuccessful.

Simon Gruber planted bombs all over town, but from what we know, the bombs never killed anybody. He pretended to set a bomb at a school full of children, but it was a fake bomb and never killed anyone.

Stuart on the other hand, kills 230 people when he crosses the Moral Event Horizon.


When law enforcement makes a move against Stuart, he hijacks an airplane, and causes it to crash onto the runway, killing everyone on board (230 passengers).


Here is the thing, Stuart kills those who are not useful to him. When his henchman failed him, he almost shot him, only failing to do so because his gun was empty. Considering this, it is highly unlikely that Stuart would help Esperanza unless the latter was useful to him. The same thing applies to Major Grant. Stuart did get enraged when McClane killed Grant, but that was only because Grant was useful to him. So why would Stuart help Esperanza? Esperanza was a drug dealer, so there was likely a lot of money to be earned. Said claim can be backed up when looking at all the other Die Hard villains; motivated by greed.

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