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So the classic incarnation of the Master from Doctor Who is already listed as PE, but the modern incarnation is not, so I'll propose this guy right here. This is the "Harold Saxon" incarnation we're talking about. The prime minister dude. Disclaimer: Heinous standard section is nearly entirely copied from TV Tropes.


Yes, out of all the one-dimensional destroyers in the show, the Master has a clear personality, and his goal is to become as powerful as possible.


Okay, the heinous standards for Doctor Who is completely insane. Even the most basic villains are reality destroyers. But the Master is the most personal, to the point where fans often compare his relation with the Doctor to Holmes and Moriarty's relation. He stands out the most, and this is everything he does: After successfully conquering Earth, the Master orders the population be decimated for no other reason than to satisfy his own violent impulses. Becoming a despot, the Master forces prisoners to watch as he incinerates Japan for his own amusement and abuses his servants and even his own wife. When the Master's mistreatment of his wife leads her to fatally shoot him, he refuses to regenerate, amused by the pain the Doctor will feel at being the last of the Time Lords. Once resurrected, the Master returns with an unending hunger, which he satisfies by trying to devour all humans. Although seemingly killed by Rassilon, the Master returns, creating a facility which agonizingly converts people into Cybermen and kills his own future incarnation, putting his own existence in jeopardy to avoid any version of himself aiding the Doctor.


See HEINOUS STANDARDS for information, but I think his point of no return is probably sadistically gassing a roomful of people to death because they "didn't vote for him," converting people into cybermen (a fate worse than death), and forcing prisoners to watch as he incinerates Japan to death.


Yes, he uses every resources he has to commit atrocious acts.


The show makes it clear that he knows what he's doing.




He feels zero remorse for anything he does, and he lacks any love, sympathy, or empathy. NO SYNPATHY Check.


He almost never commits any acts offscreen.


Yes, out of all the horrific villains and antagonists in the show, the Master stands out and is a very personal case to the heroes. STORY TYPE Like I said many times, the Master stands out out of every villains in the show, and his actions manage to cross the heinous standards.


My conclusion is an easy yes. In a show full of reality destroyers, several other PEs, and torturers, the Master's crimes are completely jarring and atrocious. Nothing else.

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