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    Original: [1]

    Alright, here's an effortpost for a Tales from the Crypt villain. His name? Howard Prince. And yes, I'm aware the character doesn't have a page yet, so I'll add him once this discussion concludes.

    Howard Prince is a con man who is about to get arrested for tax evasion. Because of that, he decides to form false relationships with women before taking their money and killing them.

    In the beginning of the episode, Howard is eating dinner with his wife. He speaks tenderly to her and makes her hand him her money. Afterwards, he gives her poisoned wine. The wife dies, and Howard calls the ambulance while pretending to panic. Afterwards, he goes to her funeral and pretends to mourn her. After the funeral is over, Howard meets with his p…

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  • Jester of chaos

    Latest and approved version: [1]

    Lewis Dodgson originally appeared in Jurassic Park novels and served both as the main antagonist and the heavy. He was a high-ranked industrial spy, whom goal in the first novel was bringing Jurassic Park down by using Dennis Nedry. After Nedry got killed, and therefore failed, Dodgson went on to a more sinister plan. In "The Lost World", Dodgson wanted to get dinosaurs as hunting attractions. The novel make it clear that it was far from the first time Dodgson did something like that. As a veteran industrial spy, he stole other people's idea and endangered their life throughout his career. He even killed at least 10 people with an experimental rabies virus. By the time the story took place, Dodgson already h…

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  • Jester of chaos

    Latest and approved one: [1]

    Montgomery "Monty" de la Cruz is a student at Liberty High and a friend of Bryce Walker and Justin Foley. He is a notorious and violent bully who is on the baseball team and serves as a major antagonist of the 13 Reasons Why series. Ironically, unlike most of the other characters he isn't even listed as a reason why on Hannah's tapes.

    - He almost runs over Alex with a car,, as well as several other kids while speeding to school while speeding to school

    - Beating up Alex

    - Helping Courtney spread lies about Hannah being a "psycho lesbian"

    - Ran Clay off the road, in an attempt to kill him

    - Left a sex doll hanging on Jessica's (a rape victim) porch calling her a "slut"

    - Mailed a loaded gun, as well as a shooting dummy…

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  • Jester of chaos
    • Original: [1]

    Got another candidate to bring cuz why not ^_^

    RIPD is a 2013 American Fantasy buddy cop film that tells us the story of Nick Walker, a police who got shot to dead by his former partner. After he was killed, he then joined a police organization in the afterlife known as R.I.P.D. or better known as Rest In Piece Department and was assigned as a partner of another obnoxious veteran police officer from the Wild West known as Roy Pulsipher and together, they try to protect the living world from arrogant, malevolent, bloodthirsty evil spirits known as the Dead-O's

    Now, our candidate here is unsurprisingly the former partner of Nick who shot him in the back... His name? Meet Bobby Hayes everyone!

    Okay, so Bobby Hayes here is actually a…

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  • Jester of chaos
    • Original: [1]

    Found another PE candidate from the Bioshock universe J.S. Steinman

    Dr. J. S . Steinman is a plastic surgeon obsessed with the idea of beauty, perfection, and his own image.

    In Bioshock Rapture, Steinman travels to Rapture in order to be free to explore his more artistic side of surgery, and as he performs various surgeries, he restrains himself from utterly butchering his patients' bodies due to wanting to build up a good reputation ("for now" as he notes)

    During a cocaine-addled drug trip, Steinman saw a hallucination of the goddess of beauty Aphrodite, who "told" Steinman to more confidently explore his natural inclinations and find "true beauty" inside people.

    Of the belief he was truly visited by the actual Aphrodite, plus th…

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